Monday, April 28, 2008

Fake Crocs

I remember the first person I ever saw wearing crocs when they came into vogue a couple of years ago. She was this very cool lady with freaky glasses who did story time at our library. Her crocs were bright yellow, and they were the real thing because they weren't popular enough yet at that point for people to make knock-offs. I commented to my Mother that I liked them and she said they were the ugliest shoes she'd ever seen. (A statement she has since made many times about my shoe collection...)

I wanted a pair. The thing was - most of my friends were of the cynical variety and immediately condemned crocs as the dumbest invention known to mankind. So for the past year or so I had been fighting with myself about whether or not to buy a pair. I don't have any other shoes like them, so it wouldn't be totally frivolous. Sam is always telling me how stupid flip-flops are, so this would be an acceptable alternative. And besides - I really, really wanted them.

On Sunday I broke down and bought my cheap wal-mart crocs knock-offs. I love them. Take that peer pressure. Nah!

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  1. I'm with your mom...I think crocs are so ugly...except for the cute mary jane style crocs.


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