Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm a radical sexist, didn't you know?

I'm on the local library committee here in the tiny, tiny town in which I live. We discuss trivial subjects such as library fines, the recent kindergarden field trip to the library, and most recently, what color to paint the library interior. I suggested taupe and sage, suggestions which were recieved with enthusiasm with the rest of the board. I then, however, let my PC filter slip and showed my true colors as a radical sexist.

We were discussing moving the book shelves away from the walls to paint when I remarked "This sounds like a job for men." The room went silent for half a moment, then a hippyish woman sitting across from me said in a manner that seemed to indicated she was shocked, taken aback, and offended "That is a RADICAL view!" The gentleman seated next to me added "Yes Elisabeth, that's sexist." The woman then followed up her first comment by adding that "You can just move all the shelves yourself then." Do I need any more proof that the West Coast is a strange, strange place?

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  1. LOL "That is a RADICAL view!" that is so sad I cant believe she said that !
    on a side note I LOVE the look of your blog and I am so glad you changed to blogspot !!!!!
    lots of love...


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