Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rush Limbaugh, Ron Paul, and my thoughts in relation...

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Rush Limbaugh. I am a Rush Baby pretty much through and through. As a homeschooler, he was always on in the background while I worked... brainwashing away! I still love to listen to Rush whenever I get the chance. His humor and wit never cease to amuse me. He has helped educate me about what it means to be a conservative and how to base my views on principles rather than emotions. I will not, however, be taking part in operation chaos in the upcoming May primary here in Oregon. Despite what the media would say about us Rush Babies, we do occasionally think for ourselves, as is evidenced by my endorsement of Ron Paul in the 2008 presidential election.

This endorsement I have made is no more secret than my adoration of Rush, and I have been promoting Ron Paul for several months now whenever I have gotten the chance. My enthusiasm for him has even led some of my friends and antagonists to believe that I view Dr. Paul as some sort of a savior for politics, America and the world. They are correct to some extent, as far as I believe that the conservative ideals that Dr. Paul represents are, indeed, the best way for society to function. I don't, however, view Dr. Paul himself as an infallible deity incapable wrong, just as I don't view Rush that way. I admire both men tremendously, but I still have points of dissagreement with both.

I find it interesting that amongst various members of my aquaintances I am know as a sort of mindless groupie, blindly following either Dr. Paul or Rush to destruction. Those who would make such suggestions either do not know me as well as they would claim to, or they simply wish to get a rise out of me. I also do not deny the possibily that it could a combination of both things. If the first, my accusers are lazy, as they haven't taken time to discuss the issues with me or find out my true opion of these men I supposedly idolize. If the second, my accusers are also lazy, as they haven't taken the time to discover that they would get a much bigger rise out of me by attacking the importance of ice cream in a well balanced diet.

Just some thoughts...

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