Monday, May 19, 2008

Hilarious things happen to me all the time.

Today I went out to work in my garden. We have several gardens here, strawberry gardens, tomato gardens, Nana's garden, Christa's garden, Mom's garden... My gardens (there are actually two of them) consist of a garden filled with random flowers, strawberries, and shamrocks, and another garden with roses and sunflowers. I also have some lilacs in pots that I'm nursing. Lilacs are my favorite flower in the whole world; I even like them better than roses! (which is really saying alot.) I'll plant my lilacs in the falls.

When we moved here there was sawdust all around all the plants. Since then the sawdust has decomposed and grass, weeds, and other unfriendlies have grown up. I try to weed them out, of course, but they keep coming back. So today I decided I was going to put another layer of sawdust down.

Sawdust is free... but you have to load it up. So Rainor and I went over to Uncle Gordon's. He has a sawmill and lots of sawdust. There were two shovels so Rainor and I started to load up the pickup. Rainor is an old pro, he's done this many times. This was my first time.

The first shovel full that I went to toss up in the truck was taken by a gust of wind and deposited in my shirt. It was most unpleasant. Sawdust on my sweaty skin. Not cool. Rainor laughed at my antics. "Here Elisabeth, let me show you." He went to show me. The wind also picked up this shovel full and deposited it in my shirt. If looks could kill he would be dead.

I moved out of the wind and proceeded to try again. I lifted the shovelful up and tossed it in the direction of the truck. I was a little overzealous and the sawdust flew over the truck and landed on the ground on the other side. Rainor and I laughed our butts off for a long time without saying a word. Then he spoke.

"Elisabeth, some people were just not meant to do manual labor."

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  1. LOL you sure know how to make things interesting don't you ?:D
    love ya


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