Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Cut My Hair

I am fundamentaly opposed to paying more than ten dollars to someone to do something that I can do myself. (So paying my sister a dollar to do my laundry and sheets every week does not fall under this category...) I don't like to pay for something if it's not worth the money - and lately the haircuts I've been paying for have NOT been worth the money. So yesterday I decided to cut my own hair. I cut my brothers's; why not mine?
This is the general style I was going for. (NOTE: This isn't me - it's a british singer, Kate Nash.)

This is moi. Haircut all done and I'm pretty happy with it. (Yeppers - No make up.)

Daniel caught me surfing the net. If you ever wondered what I look like at my computer; here I is.
Uh... I didn't mean to upload this picture of a loaf of bread that I made. But I kind of like it, so I'll leave it.

What ho?

Leave me comments, people. My Mother isn't particularly fond of my hair cut and said as much, so I won't be offended if you tell me you hate it.


  1. How much did you actually cut off?

    I like it. (sorry Terri)

  2. Well, if you're already cute (like you) then ANY hairstyle looks cute! So yeah, it looks cute. :D
    ~Heather Belle

  3. I really like it!!!! It's so cute!

  4. I really like it in the computer picture. I'd want to see it again after it's been rewashed and styled, I think. I suspect it will look even better in a week or two.

    I should post pics of Lynae's new 'do!

  5. I actually didn't cut any length off - just put in some layers :)

  6. Well I will just say that that is not the sweet Lizzie I am used to seeing but I am sure you are still your self and it looks a lot like how you wanted to have it! so good job !
    you are a lot braver then me I don't think I would cut my own hair .....unless I was despite :D or I guess I could just ask you to do it for me :D
    lots of love

  7. You did a good job:) I'm impressed when people can cut their own hair.

  8. You did a good job! I'm really impressed. I really love the color your hair is at the moment, btw.

    You should stop putting your hair behind your ears on one side though. It makes the side bangs look awkward. (You asked for honesty. :P )

  9. Well...I LIKE IT. And I CANNOT believe you managed that yourself. Can you come cut my hair?! Sheesh.

  10. hi, saw this as a "post I might like" on the bottom of your trip photos.

    how did you learn to cut our own hair?


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