Saturday, May 17, 2008

I fooled you all; I'm actually stupid.

I can't stay away from the river. I'm burnt to an absolute crisp, yet all I can do is put a t-shirt on over my swimsuit and head back out again. It's hot and the river is cool. My skin is beginning to get the feeling that skin has right before it falls off. Being touched is torture. But still I swim, though I avoid clothing in general these days...

Yesterday I made Maggie wear a shirt over her swimsuit too because she was a little red and I didn't want her to get it as badly as me.

Me: You have to wear this shirt.
Maggie: I wanna thirt off.
Me: You don't want to get sunburnt like Sissy, do you?
Maggie: I wanna be wed like Thissy.
Me: Tough luck, you're not allowed to be stupid
Maggie: *confused look* *pause* I wanna thirt off!

Today I pulled out my snorkeling gear. Fun is in the making.


  1. hahahahaha
    for some reason that kind of remminds me of conversions Nathan and I have:D
    care to guess who would be who:D?

  2. Very funny! I like the new template...

  3. Love the new template sooooooooo cute!


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