Friday, May 2, 2008

Oh to be a child again...

I go to the library nearly every week. I devour the non-fiction section. I browse for good novels, but they are nearly non-existent these days. From the dvd section I get those awesome episodes of either Jeeves and Wooster or Poirot. This week I picked up the BBC's The Blue Planet. It's about life in the ocean. Other than all the evolution crap, they are really very good, though I enjoy the Planet Earth series better.

Today, while making bread, I put in an episode. I was highly amused by the way they talk about "science". They went on and on about how they thought they knew everything back in the seventies, but how wrong they were, and how much they know now. Then they went on to say how they know nearly everything now. In ten years they will be saying that they thought they knew everything back in 2003, but now they know so much more... Now they know nearly everything....

I look over at Maggie. She's sitting there going "Funny fishies Sissy!" She's doing what she's supposed to be doing. Learning, widening her horizons. And I wonder why I can't just enjoy the beautiful images of God's creation without commenting on the level of retardedness displayed by the script writers and the scientific community in general. Why can't I just look at the film without wondering how they got those shots of the marlin... how long did they have to wait to find it... do they get claustrophobic in those tiny pressurized vehicles they have to use to get down to the deep sea?

Why can't I be like a child again and ask the questions I'm supposed to ask, instead of being critical of the whole thing?

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