Monday, May 26, 2008

Return of the Razor Thieves

So all the family that was varmint hunting has come home, which is evidenced by the fact that my razor is being mysteriously "borrowed" without my permission once again.

When everyone was gone I cleaned out the bathroom and got out a new razor. I always keep the little plastic case thingy over the blade on my razor. When I went to use it this morning I noticed that the little case thingy was gone. At the dinner table I broached the subject to my siblings, knowing one of them HAD to be the culprit.

"Who used my razor this morning?" There was a guilty silence followed by my brother Rainor looking very guilty. I turned on him and explained (for the tenth time) that my razors are rationed, Mom will only buy me so many a month, so he needed to keep his dirty cotton picking hands off. He admited to using it, but he never said he was sorry or that he wouldn't do it again. I'm sure he will *sigh*

As I was getting up from the table he asked me "How did you know I used the razor?" I told him about the case and he said "That was already off when I used it!" he exclaimed. I turned to my sister Christa... she was desperately trying to surpress fits of giggles, much to my consternation.



  1. Don't the razor thieves also get a ration of razors of their own?

    Your mom is generous -- my shavers have to buy their own!

  2. I cant tell how much it bugs me when some one use's my razor ! or when some moves is in a different place in the shelf and it gets mixed up with everybody's else's !that really really really bugs me !

  3. thanks for the comment earlier, I love your blog, I find it quite amusing. I have to admit I always hated razors though, I hate shaving in general. my hair grows so fast its almost useless to fight it, so I stopped. you know what though the hasidic look I can't say as I don't like it.


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