Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Things That Annoy Me Pt. 1

#1. My inability to be apathetic.

#2. Liberals.

#3. Guys who think that dumb girls are cute.

#4. Girls in general.

#5. The white pallor of my skin. (Mostly the fact that I sunburn easily and look anemic after 10:00 at night.)

#6. Dry bread.

#7. Bedtimes.

#8. People who are unable to argue a principle and cling to their anecdotal evidence with more fervor than they do the Bible.

#9. Being told "This policy is not up for debate."

#10. When people (mainly my parents) tell me I'm annoying.


  1. People who tell me I am annoying annoy me too! I mean I would love to know some one just like me ! I sure we would be great friends :D

  2. "This policy is not up for debate"
    I've used that line a time or two....its one of the perks of being the parent.


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