Thursday, June 26, 2008


Katie and I rented Hairspray the other day. She had already seen and it and loved it and said I should watch it. I loved it to. (Yes, both the soundtrack and dvd are on my 'to-buy' list.) We were also inspired to try beehives.

It wasn't too terribly difficult to pull off. In fact, they were so cool that we dressed up in retro clothes and took pictures. Enjoy our fun!


  1. As much as I normally dislike that hair do I have to say I think it looks really cute on you two!
    Your outfits totally fit the whole look too!

  2. The look is so adorable!!! How do you get your hair in a bee hive though?! Not that I want to pull that off! :P

  3. Wow...
    You two really look pretty good in those "Beehives"!
    I never knew that you were a "beehive" kind of person until now.
    You learn something every day!jk
    have a wonderful rest of the week!

  4. You two are so funny! Those pictures are hilarious... I have some amusing black and white pictures of Gabe "smoking," but haven't posted them...yet;)

    I have to admit you look nice with that hairstyle. (Not that I would recommend you wear it like that...)

  5. Forget the hair (which looks great btw) I L O V E the dresses!!!! Those are not only great classic styles but so flattering to most figures!


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