Monday, June 16, 2008

Being Fake

I filled out this survey online a couple months ago and as a result I was entitled to a free magazine subscription. There really wasn't anything super cool on the list to choose from so I chose Harper's Bazaar, which is a fashion magazine.

I like fashion. For some reason it appeals to me. Not because I choose to dress in all the latest styles; I don't. Not because I like all of the new styles that come out; I don't. And certainly not because I have the money to afford to dress that way if I wanted to! Perhaps it's because I like to look at people. And there is no doubt that this magazine is filled with beautifully photographed people. Thin, dressed in clothing that costs thousands of dollars, yes. But also pretty and very interesting.

In this magazine, in between the Guess, Chanel, and Armani ads, and the lovely pictures, are a few articles about what's in style, and how to keep looking like a model. The thing is, everything is so fake, and the magazine is boldly promoting it. There are articles about how to keep your hair dye from bleaching in the sun, how to apply self tanners, how to get rid of wrinkles, how to stay young forever, how to still dress snazzy at 70, and the list goes on and on at infinitum.

The thought occurs to me; why all the fuss about covering up who God made us? God made my skin white, very white. Why paint myself tan? My hair is brown. A very dull and boring brown, but that's the color God picked. Can I deny his prerogative?

When I get older and wrinkles turn up, I'm going to be happy because with the age that they betray comes wisdom! (I've never been one who wished to stay young. Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to be older.) Why try to, at 70, dress like I'm 20? By then I would hope to have the kind of character that inspires respect without tight jeans and sequined tops.

Why cover up who I was made to be? Why depend on my clothes and body to appeal to people, rather than my character and personality? Why be fake when I can be real?

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