Monday, June 30, 2008


I'm leaving... on a jet plane... actually, considering the size of the Eugene airport, it is quite possible that my little puddle hopper up to Portland will not be a jet. From Portland I fly to Chicago, then finally to Nashville, my destination. Wanna hear the best part? I have to leave for the airport at 3:30 AM tomorrow morning. Isn't that just amazing?

Anyway, tomorrow is going to be totally hectic... and to add to the craziness I'm planning on lugging my guitar around with me. I hope so badly that I don't lose it anywhere and that there is room on all my flights for it. So in case anything happens to my guitar and I have to commit suicide or in case my plane crashes and I'm burnt to bits; here's a pictures to remember me by!


  1. I hope you have a great time even if you do have to go on a road trip!
    praying that you don't lose your guitar!
    I miss you are ready :D
    love ya!

  2. That picture turned out really well.


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