Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Now we are 19.

When I was One, I had just begun. When I was Two, I was nearly new. When I was Three, I was hardly me. When I was Four, I was not much more.When I was Five, I was just alive. But now I am Six, I'm as clever as clever, So I think I'll be six now for ever and ever. - A. A. Milne

Now I'm 19; and not nearly as clever as I thought I was a couple years ago. But then, I think one would be hard pressed to find anyone as clever as I thought I was at 16. I certainly have changed alot in the past couple years. Each year that goes by I seem to become less crazy and more even tempered. (If you've only just gotten to know me recently you may be surprised to know I was ever more crazy than I am now. But such is the case, I assure you.) I believe it is common for young people to think they know everything... All I have to say is that at 19 I know less than I did at 16, but I'm happier now than I was then. If that makes no sense to you, the reader, that's fine; it barely makes sense to me.

For my birthday Nana took the Starrs to see Prince Caspian. I'll be posting a review of it shortly, for those interested ;) Then we followed it up with pizza and ice cream. 'Twas sweet. Mom and Sam got me a set of A&E miniseries that includes Pride and Prejudice, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Emma, Tom Jones, and Jane Eyre. It is incredibly cool. Christa made me a beach glass picture frame and gave me this cute little vial on a chain that has perfume in it. I know she's gonna want to borrow it to play with. Freddy got me this cool wooden frog with spikes on his back, and if you run a stick along it it makes a frog sound. Maggie loves it. Maggie also loves the little stuffed kitty that Daniel gave me. He said "Because you seem to have a ton of trouble keeping cats alive, here's one that will never die." I named him Colin :D


  1. haha Daniel is a nut!
    And yes I can imagine you even more crazy :D

  2. Happy birthday Elisabeth! I hope you have a really blessed 19th year. You're a great friend and it's really been a pleasure to have you and your family attend church with us-


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