Thursday, July 17, 2008

And all that stuff... (Yes, I'm trying not to use the word "update" in the title. Oh wait...)

We finally got home and in bed around 3 A.M this morning. Having to drive an hour to Nashville then fly to St. Louis, then to Seattle, then to Eugene, then drive an hour to Mapleton is a little much for one day, I think. Though you will be pleased to hear (or at least I am pleased to tell you) that I didn't drink a single cup of coffee through the duration of our travels!

It was so nice to see Maggie again, however, the first words out of her mouth upon my return were not "Sissy!" or "You home!" or even "Hi!". They were "Did you see Katie in Kentucky?"

The movie on the plane from St. Louis to Seattle was "21", an awesome movie about how math, logic, and counting cards. It was pretty much nerdalicious. I loved it.

Speaking of nerds; can anyone tell me why I can't play my video files on itunes. I have some videos on my computer that I want to put on my ipod... but I can't figure out how to do it. I'd be grateful if someone can give me a hand.

Tomorrow we are leaving to go to Camp Dwight, a family camp our towards Bend, I believe. It will last all weekend and I will get to see some old friends and hopefully meet some new ones. So we've been trying to unpack, repack, and generally get ready to go all day today.

Anyway, I won't have internet this weekend. Peace Out!


  1. Hahaha! Tell Maggie that Tatie says hi.

  2. if you can't play movies in iTunes, check to make sure you have the lastest version of quicktime. That's been the problem for me in the past.

  3. As a general rule, iTunes only plays certain video formats (e.g. M4V, MOV, MP4 etc) - I don't think it will play AVI or WMV. Also, I believe iPods themselves will only play MP4 and M4V files.
    What format are your videos?

  4. It was so great to see you all this weekend! I had so much fun!! :D

  5. If your're using windows, check out the Videora Ipod Converter (

    If, on the other hand, you're using Linux -- let me know, the steps are sorta involved


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