Thursday, July 10, 2008

I fear for America's future; and with good reason.

Last night Dad and Robin took us out to eat at this Chinese buffet that is a favorite with our family. There's not only the usual fare that one finds at Chinese buffets but also sushi, crab legs, and pizza. I'm not sure how exactly the latter fits into the scheme of things, but so it is.

Anyway, I was having a pudding eating contest with Rainor (A chopsticks only affair.) when I noted a family seated in the booth across from us. The parents were all biker looking with piercings out the ying-yang and long stringy hair. The Dad was missing some teeth and the Mom was rather uncouth. Sitting with them was their son and daughter. It was the daughter who had especially caught my eye.

She was about three years old and sitting in a highchair. I dropped my chopsticks in amazement as I observed her strange behavior. (Warning: it starts to get a little graphic here.) I watched her as she grabbed a huge piece of fried chicken and stuffed the whole thing in her mouth. It was way to big for me to eat, let alone a three year old! She soon realized this and spit the whole thing out in her hand, all chewed up and everything. It was disgusting. And as if that wasn't enough, she began to pick out bite sized pieces of the chewed up chicken and to eat them.

I could, perhaps, have simply written off the whole incident by just saying "Well, ya know, we're in Tennessee. But here's the kicker; she was wearing a little pink t-shirt that read "Future President."


  1. Hahaha! That's hilarious! You should save this, and be sure and use it 32 years later when Hillary II runs for office. You can save America with this candid information! ;DT


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