Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm as cool as Hannah Montana!

Today I was sitting on my bed playing guitar and singing and my seven year old step niece, Kaylee, came in. She had just gotten this dress with Hannah Montana all over it and she wanted to show me how cute it was.

At this point my two little angels magically appeared on my shoulders. The good angel was telling me to be gracious and tell her it was nice; My naughty angel was telling me that I should let her know I loathe Hannah Montana with a passion rivaled only by my dislike of liberals. In the end I decided to avoid answering all together.

Me: Did you know I'm cooler than Hannah Montana?
Kaylee: *eyes widen* Nuh-huh... Nobody's cooler than Hannah Montana.
Me: Well I am. Wanna see?
Kaylee: Yeah, cause I won't believe you otherwise!
(I play a ballad for her on my guitar.)
Me: So?
Kaylee: *in awe* Wow... you definitely have a nicer voice than Hannah Montana! But I don't think you're as enthusiastic. SHE sings songs from the 80's. Cant you sing songs from the 80's?
Me: I can't really think of many songs from the 80's I like actually... want me to play a different song?
Kaylee: Yeah.
(I play a more up beat song.)
Me: So?
Kaylee: Ok, yeah, you're right, you're just as cool as Hannah Montana. Not cooler, but just as cool.
Me: I'll take that.

So look out Wal-mart! Next thing you know it will be MY face all over ever piece of little girls clothing in your store!


  1. LOL
    you should have said something like "yeah at least my teeth are not all messed up like hers"
    Love ya!

  2. That's pretty funny. It's amazing how adored H.M. is by a large number of girls.... Anyway, she still haunts me when I go to Wal Mart or Target.


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