Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pieces of my Life

Fed Maggie chocolate cake with pastry filling for breakfast. Thought Mom was going to have an aneurysm. Lighten up, people; it's just cake. Who ever heard of cake killing a two year old?

My video files are in WMA format, I think. Can't figure out how to convert them. I feel retarded.

On Thursday I have a meeting with the Western Lane Republican Party. Wondering if the fact that I don't plan to vote for McCain is going to make waves.

No one made dinner while I was at work today. I guess this means it's popcorn night.

Ticket prices to fly to Iowa in September seem to be going up. Should I buy now or wait another couple weeks?

Graham Crackers with cream cheese frosting on top are good. Really good.

I'm so sleepy I could fall asleep to Relient K, at this point. Signing off.

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  1. Graham Crackers with cream cheese frosting ..That sounds really really good!:D

    *Big hug*


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