Friday, August 29, 2008

Berry Time

Well, it's blackberry time around these parts, so there's tons and tons to do.

There is this really cool tree that blackberry stalks have grown up into. We call it the "Blackberry Tree".

While some worked, some sat around and put flowers in their hair.

The die-hard berry-pickers picked themselves into a mess of thorns.

The babies were among those who sat about and did nothing.

But we prefer them being idle to them eating up our work.

After working for awhile some people took a break from picking berries to take pictures of other people and one particularly awesome pair of shoes.

It is the belief of some that a vampire haunts the farm. I got bit during the course of our work.Next up, jam making.


  1. I love that picture of Maggie and Walter :D

  2. How wonderful! We used to have blackberries in KY, but now have to settle for blueberries and gooseberries.

  3. Lol!
    "While some worked, some sat around and put flowers in their hair."
    Too funny!
    I love blackberries!
    They came in really late this year so our family has only piked the once this year!:[
    I love how the blackberries climbed up on that tree!
    Hope you have fun caning!
    Miss Autumn~

  4. Buy some vampire-be-gone and spray it around your house at midnight under a full moon. Works every time. ;D

  5. I'm sorry, but I already have dibs on all vampire-related comments. I thought you knew. :)

    And also, in reply to your previous post: I don't care what you say. By openly reading Douglas Adams you are taking a giant step towards The Dark Side, aka Nerd-dom.

    P.S. Walter and Maggie look like twins!

  6. The previous comment is also mine.
    I have not changed my name to "Mar".
    For some reason, it chopped off the last half. I will have my revenge.

  7. Well thank you...I think I have it conquered now- but only for now, because I can never be permanently organized. :)


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