Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Government Employees

Today, after work, Rainor and I went to the bank and the library. When we got to the library Rainor and I realized that we were the only people there. While I was using the card catalog (I was looking up books on Linux, C++, and Statistics) a young guy in his twenties came in. He set up his laptop and started surfin' the net with the library's wifi. Rainor and I thought nothing of it at the time.

When we left we saw what kind of car he's driving. It's this little white pick-up that says "Forest Service Property; For Official Use Only" across the side. As we approached the truck, we realized that the truck is playing really loud rock music (and not even good rock music, I might add). Rainor and I looked at each other and shook our heads. Oh, the efficiency of government employees.

As we drive away I looked back at the truck, sitting all by its lonesome while its trustee is checking his email, blaring rock music, and "For Official Use Only" plastered across the door. I turned to Rainor and said "I'm so blogging this."


  1. C++? Really? Have fun! (this is not sarcasm)

  2. Card catalog? You guys must be living in the stone age over there.

  3. Wow!
    I didn't know they still had Card catalogs!. To tell the truth I have never seen one before but only heard story's of them from my Parents.


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