Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Sibling Hierarchy

As we all know, the sibling hierarchy goes like this, first the oldest, then all the other peons. It is the job of the oldest child to make minions of all the younger siblings. That is the way of the world and the younger siblings should learn this sooner, rather than later, if they intend to live a fulfilled life.

My siblings have rebelled against this institution with ferocity. I've tried to explain to them on numerous occasions that this is how it goes. But to no avail. They simply refuse to cooperate and chose to live contrary to nature. The other day my sister and I had a "conversation" that illustrates the feelings of my siblings. This conversation happened after I suggested she do me a favor and she refused in no uncertain terms.

Elisabeth: You know what your major fault is?
Christa: What?
Elisabeth: You don't respect the sibling hierarchy.
Christa: Well thanks for that piece of sisterly wisdom. You know what your major fault is?
Elisabeth: Enlighten me.
Christa: You have too many major faults to list!

She doesn't understand. The sibling hierarchy must be maintained! *sigh* I fear I am fighting a losing battle.


  1. They just don't get it, do they? My siblings don't get it either. :shakes head:

  2. thank you for your comment!

    and yes how wonderful to know and believe in the sovereignty and grace of our great God in choosing us for salvation!

    God bless you!

  3. :lol: I wish my younger siblings would get that, :/ now we don't really need to tell my older sister about this, she and I can both be in charge together. ;)

  4. Let's vote for whoever promises to bring back sibling heirarchy!

  5. The problem is that there are more younger sibling than first borns. there for if we so chose we can unite and throw off the bondage of of the tyrants! DE OPPRESSO LIBER! DE OPPRESSO LIBER!


  6. round these parts we call it the "pecking order"


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