Thursday, August 21, 2008

Women Authors Pt. 1

L.M. Montgomery, Louisa May Alcott, Martha Finley, Janette Oak, and Beverly Lewis. Did I just mention your favorite author? Then forgive me for what I am about to say. These women authors all have one thing in common; I find their work supremely boring and in most cases riddled with stupidity.

Shall we take a look at the books written by these ladies? L.M. Montgomery wrote dozens and dozens of books; so how come Anne of Green Gables was the only one that was any good? Louisa May Alcott also wrote quite a few books but I must admit I never was impressed even by Little Women. Janette Oak? Beverly Lewis? You have got to be kidding me. *gag* *puke* And please, don't even get me started on the terribleness of Martha Finley's Elsie Dinsmore! A book rivaled in ridiculousness only by its sequels.

The works of these ladies are lauded and praised excessively, seemingly without reason, especially in the homeschool community. The last bit rather frustrates me because you would think that homeschoolers, who take pride in promoting good literature, would have better taste. But no, they spread the gospel of these stupid, pointless books to as many people as they can reach.

I would so much rather read Tolkien, Lewis, Poe, Eliot, Wodehouse, Orwell, Dumas, or F. Scott Fitzgerald, than any of these poor excuses for good literature. Why is it that most ladies seem incapable of consistently producing good books? (I except the works of Jane Austen, truly a queen among women.) It seems that lately when someone says "Oh, you should read this." I can usually tell whether it's going to be any good by just checking the gender of the author.

Some might call this sexist, and perhaps it is. But I speak as I've found. I am now ready to be attacked by all sides. Both by the women who love the authors I've just bashed, and by the women who hate these authors but think I'm a sexist bigot. When all is said and done, though, this why I have a blog, isn't it? So I can be obnoxious and thereby offend as many people as possible at once?

NOTE: If, along with all your other complaints about this blog, you insult my writing ability it will only prove my point that women do not generally make good authors.


  1. As I see you are prepared for attack, I make my first stab:

    "women do not generally make good authors"?

    What about E. Nesbit, the Bronte sisters, Emily Dickinson, Mary Shelley? My dad just named five or six other great women authors, but I omit those because I cannot personally attest to their greatness (I haven't read them). And how much of Louisa M. Alcott have you read?

    Alright, I agree with you. GENERALLY, women don't make good authors. I would also say that GENERALLY, men don't make good authors. You, however, are implying that men are better writers than women. There are just as many bad men writers as there are women writers.

    At least you admit to being sexist.

  2. Dear Lizzie,
    Did the thought ever come to your mind that just maybe some people have different taste then you? I have more to say to you about this at Church.

  3. In the words of the queen among women authors herself-- "You are too hard on your own sex."
    I would also like to add two of my favorite women authors to Kate's list: Beatrix Potter and Laura Ingalls Wilder

  4. I must agree that both L.M. Montgomery and Louisa May Alcott are over-rated (though I enjoy both their works for occasional light relief). And Martha Finley...hmph...undoubtedly gospel-centred theological monologues do not make up for the profound lack of both plot and character development. The content may be good, but the presentation often hopeless.

    Regarding good women authors? Hm. Well...I hardly think it's right to say that all women authors are hopeless by virtue of their gender. Perhaps it is that there have not been (for better or worse and for whatever reason) an equivalent number of female authors as there have been male authors and so, there are fewer "greats" to acclaim.

    Frankly, more research has to be made before you really have the right to make that assertion so confidently... :P And I could mention a few good female authors, if you were genuinely interested...however I'm inclined to believe that as your motive was to be obnoxious and controversial (and who doesn't enjoy being that sometimes?), you probably are not really interested!

  5. I'm trusting you'll excuse the occasional lapse into appalling grammar in that previous comment...I was up til' 12 last night and it is currently 6:47 a.m.


  6. Ha..tell us how you really feel about it....
    Are you having a bad day?

  7. Hell's Bells!
    I have at last met a being who agrees with my sentiments on Elsie Dinsmore!
    We will be ridiculed and held in derision, but we must stand firm!
    Methinks there will be a heated discussion on Sunday...goodie :)

    Anyway, I believe you hold female authors in lower esteem than you ought... I agree with your assessment of the ones listed, but maybe you haven't tried enough of the good ones?

  8. Have you read any Dorothy Sayers? If you're looking for a woman who wrote well, you may enjoy her books.

  9. Amen Lizzie, stand up and fight the attacks of yon feminists who believe that women authors can be good. Stay true to the cause, the rebelution!

  10. P.s I wasn't mad when I wrote my first comment:D sorry I should have put it a different why.
    P.s Luke and Nathan were both very disturbed by this post...mostly Luke:D

  11. I have to agree to Elsie Dinsmore being a little boring.But I did like the Mildred Keith a lot.
    I thought Little woman was ok but I thought some of her other books were really good.

    I can see a "discussion" in the air for Church about this!:[

    Miss Autumn

    LOL, that will be funny to hear what the boys have to say,Ellie!;]

    I LOVE Jane Austen too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I vote that anonymous poster no. 2's comment be deleted on grounds of ignorance and misunderstanding.

  13. I think all of "katie"'s posts should be deleted for disagreeeing with mine.


  14. I think your posts should be deleted for your poor use of grammar. But I am not in the habit of deleting comments simply because I disagree with them. (Or with the way the English language is abused by the author, for that matter.)

    I firmly believe in the right to make a fool of yourself.

  15. You have typos in your blog too you know. Anyone can make a mistake.

    It's too bad you disowned my comment. You are like John Mccain. Disowning your friends.

    Bob Barr 2008!!

  16. You have typos in your blog too you know. Anyone can make a mistake.

    It's too bad you disowned my comment. You are like John Mccain. Disowning your friends.

    Bob Barr 2008!!

  17. I am not going to complain or attack, I just want to point out that I actually enjoy reading the writings of women (leaving out the modern day novel of any type) more than the writing of men. I seem to connect and understand a woman's writen work more than a man's.


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