Monday, September 22, 2008

Exactly how many blogs do you have anyway?

My Mom pretty much never reads my blog unless I send her a link to a particular post I want her opinion on. Occasionally I'll mention something about my blog and she'll go "Wait, which blog is that?" followed by "How many blogs do you have?"

So, to clear up any questions as to just how many blogs I keep. The short answer is three. It may seem somewhat ridiculous. THREE! I mean, how much cyberspace does one girl need to lay claim on? But, I can, and I will, and it makes me happy. So.

This is my primary blog.

This is my sewing blog.

This is my team blog.

There you have it, in case you want to stalk me or something.

Btw, if you use a blogger account and notice that I'm not following you, it's not that I don't read your blog. It's that I rather dislike the new blogger following system. I'll just stick with google reader, thanks.


  1. Only three?
    I currently have five!

    On Sunday after we got into the car the first thing Luke said was " you could sure tell Lizzie was back it was about 10 times louder" What a grump ! lol

  2. ha! I currently have 11! Ten are Blogger blogs, one is a HSB blog, some are tests, extensions, and some are projects- that have not been linked to on my blog. Blogs are so easy to start, I'm afraid I collect them like cat-nuts collect felines.

    Well, I suppose I should end this comment, I am starting to feel quite ridiculous, as the owner of 11 blogs should feel...

    Don't forget to tell your mom about how many blogs I have next time she asks you about yours. ;)


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