Wednesday, October 8, 2008


A series of calamities have befallen me this morning. Read on.

The beginning: Worst hair day since the the beginning of time. I recently decided to stop using my blow drier or my straighter. When I did this I discovered, much to my surprise, that my hair was actually curly. I still haven't learned how to manage curly hair and today it would not be managed. I ended up just leaving it in a messy poof. This is never a good beginning to a day.

Next thing that happened was that my employer called and canceled me for work this morning. Suddenly I had a whole morning free! Which sounds nice initially, except I had nothing planned for today in the first place and kind of needed the money. So now I have an entire day of nothingness staring me in the face. And I hate that.

I could spend the whole day on the computer playing this game, but I beat all the levels. Plus, I'm trying to cut back the time I spend online. So I decided first thing, that I was not going to spend my day glued to my email, feedreader, Reddit, HSA, WoW, Rooster Teeth, or any of the other sites I tend to waste time on.

This is the perfect kind of day to spend campaigning. I can't do my campaign walk because I don't have my materials yet, and won't until Sunday. And, unfortunately, I live way too far away from Eugene to just show up at GOP headquarters and start making phone calls. Really, I live too far away from Eugene to do anything that has to do with that city. I can't go and visit my friends there, or go shopping, or walk round down town. It's all out of the question.

I would consider just making phone calls from my house. But our land lines are down. (Thanks alot, Qwest.) We're operating off of cell phones. Except, since we live in the middle of nowhere, there is no signal out here unless you stand on the front porch. So if you want to get ahold of any of us with cell phones, Sam, Rainor, and myself, you have to call, leave a voicemail, and wait for us to go out on the porch to call you back. You're best bet is email.

Already, I'm regretting my decision to take the semester off from school.

I decided I wanted to do some baking. Always a good way to spend an empty day. I recently acquired "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" volumes one and two, by Julia Child. So I thought I would make something from that. Upon further investigation, however, I discovered we are out of several vital ingredients that can only be procured in Eugene, one of which being cheese. And besides that, Mom is making bread and out kitchen is too small for two people to cook in at once. That plan is out.

Still depressed about the cheese situation, I went to pull Maggie out of Mom's hair. I sat down in a chair and she sat on my lap, doing nothing for a full five minutes. The lethargicness is contagious apparently. Finally, desperate to be doing something, I said "Maggie, do you want to help me with some sewing?". "Yeah, thissy." she replied. So, off we went to pull out the sewing machine.

At this point I discover that the sewing machine cabinet is completely buried under a combination of sewing supplies and Rainor's "stuff". Maggie I start trying to dig out the cabinet. As I begin, my brother shows up and starts complaining about how I'm treating his stuff. So I asked him to move it, which he does, but at a snail's pace, because he knew I was in a hurry.

As I finish supervising the removal of his "stuff" Mom calls me. "Elisabeth, if you're going to let Maggie help you have to watch her. " I turn around to find her hands all tied up with green embroidery thread. "Thissy! Hep me!" she's starting to get panicked. I can't help but laugh as I scold her. "I thorry, thissy" she says. I sigh; she's too cute.

The cabinet is now dug out of the corner. But now Walter has woken up from his nap, which means there is no way I can possibly cut out fabric on the living room floor. Maggie is hard enough to watch. Walter is impossible. What's more, Mom starts asking me about what dates we should kill chickens on, which is the last thing I want to do right now. AND *drumroll* my personal stash of chocolate is gone!

For a moment I suddenly have the urge to simultaneously shave my head, apply for a job with the peace corp (which Obama plans to double, btw *snicker), move to a tiny Eugene apartment with a kitchen all to myself, enroll at the Uof O as a political science major, dive into a lake of chocolate, and tour the U.K as Hot Chip's costume mistress.

Instead I returned to my faithful laptop, which never ceases to provide me with all the comforts the Internet has to offer in safe little windows that I have complete control over. I feel better already. That is all.


  1. Awww you poor girl! wish I was there to give you a hug!:)

  2. Wow. Ouch. And I thought I was having a bad day... :-P

  3. My advice on curly hair- while it is wet apply mousse (sp?) or light-weight hair gel and let it air dry. Or, blow dry it with a defuser. I've had curly hair my whole life, oh, and DON'T BRUSH IT WHILE IT'S DRY!!! This is very, very bad. Your hair will just get bigger.

    And- I understand the bad day and suddenly not working when money is needed.
    I've started writing detailed book reviews for other people's benefit. Maybe I'll make a website out of it.

  4. When you have a bad day, count your blessings. Think how truly worse most people in the world have it.

  5. I do feel sorry for you. But I highly advice you not to jump in a lake of chocolate, an activity that reminds me of a certain scene in that bizarre book/movie Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.
    I would also suggest that you decide against majoring in Political Science. It really is remarkable how many football players here major in P.S. (or sociology). I am starting to think there will be quite enough "political scientists" around without you joining them.


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