Monday, October 13, 2008

Confessions of Moi

#1. I'm incredibly awkward on the phone. I would rather email, write a letter, drive to your house to talk to you, post about you in my blog, or take out a newspaper ad with your name as the title than call on the phone. Instant messaging is the most fantastic way of communication ever invented.

#2. I can never figure out whether of not to use a period when I end a sentence with a smiley. I also can't figure out whether to use an "s" or just an apostrophe when using possessive nouns that end in "s".

#3. I'm pretty sure that I'm part German. How do I know this? I don't. There are both German and English families with the last name Starr. But Germans like beer and leather. I also happen to. Is this a coincidence? I THINK NOT! Logic, people, duh. Makes total sense.

#4. When I discover an awesome band I always tell all my friends, as if I was the first person to ever discover them. I then go around and tell everyone how stupid they are for not knowing about this really awesome band that I didn't know about last week.

#5. If the hot water heater isn't working again tomorrow morning I think I might cry.

#6. Lebkuchan is amazing. (Another reason I think I may be German.) It's this fantastic chocolate covered gingerbread/cake imported from Germany. If you haven't had it, go to a World Market right now and buy some. I'm going to attempt making some myself at some point in the near future.

#7. In the end, my parents were right.


  1. Yes! I am the same way about talking on the phone. I'd much rather IM a person.

  2. Now tell me something I don't know!:)

  3. When ending a sentence with a smiley, I always put in the period, but separate it from the smiley by a space or two.
    Correct punctuation trumps emoticon aesthetics. :)

  4. I, too, go to great lengths not to talk on the phone.

    You've been puzzled about emoticons and punctuation for a few years now, haven't you? My opinion is that smileys are not a real part of the sentence, so for the sentence to be complete a period would be necessary. :) I demonstrate. :P

  5. Well, I have the same problem with the smily/period thing. Even though I know it's incorrect to leave off the period, I sometimes just drop it anyway. When I use a smily, I'm not writing a paper for school, and I figure that no one will care if I make a little punctuation mistake in a blog comment.

  6. The phone thing- ditto, I can't concentrate and can't remember what I needed to say- and I can never end the conversation right.

    The band thing- I do the same thing... except I rave about them until I find my newest favorite. Casting Crowns has been my fav. going on a year now. I still try to convince my friends they are the best.

    hahaha- my hot water heater broke last week, almost two whole days without hot water.

    Parents are always right!

  7. 1.Yeah, I don't like the phone either, but I'm getting more used to it. IM is awesome. 8)

    6. it totally is! I've made it before, I'll have to dig out the recipes we've found that worked... And I need to start making our batches too. :)


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