Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Glimpses of Sisters

My sister, Christa Joy, is four years my junior and is very nearly my complete opposite. We don't share the same tastes in movies, books, music, clothing, guys, food, politics, art or poetry. We don't even look every much alike, for sisters. The one thing we really share is a desire to get along. It's pretty difficult because we are so different, but we work pretty dang hard at it, and I would say that, for the most part, we are successful.

Every so often we have late night talks after the lights are supposed to be out. Christa comes down to my bunk and brings chocolate and we have a big, long heart to heart. These talks are some of my favorite times. We discuss pretty much every topic that sisters usually discuss.

What I'm about to show you are a couple of select glimpses into one of these conversations that we had earlier this week. I thought some of the things my sister said were remarkably funny. A couple names have been omitted to spare certain people embarrassment, especially because we were being rather mean to people who did not deserve it; some names have not been omitted.

E: What do you thing [blank] thinks about [subject].
C: I don't know. [Blank] has this brain thing going on.
E: I can only assume you mean that [blank] has a brain...
C: Yeah. [Blank] is intelligent. So I would know what [blank] thinks about anything. I'm not around intelligence a whole lot.

E: *overly dramatic* Christa, my soul is in turmoil!
C: *pause* And how does that make you feel?
E: Uh... full of turmoil?

E: [Blank] is making my life difficult right now.
C: Hmm... We should hit [blank] with a truck.
E: You're so violent. I really don't think that killing [blank] would solve anything.
C: Well, we could just beat [blank] with baseball bat. And rotten eggs.
E: Once again, you're so violent. I'm sure the eggs will be very effective.
C: Thanks, I thought so too.

C: You know, you and Margaret are alot alike.
E: You think so?
C: Yeah. You're both mean and cynical.
E: In what ways would you say we are different?
C: Um... Margaret has blonde hair?

If you thought none of that was very funny, fine. I thought that it was. But that might have been because it was very late at night. Or because we were eating chocolate. Or because aliens kept looking in our window. Or because I didn't include the entire conversation. Or because I laugh at lots of things that people tell me are not funny. Or because of Bush. Yes, I'm pretty sure it's all Bush's fault.

I bet you all wish you had a sister as cool as mine.


  1. Love it, and think it is funny. Hope my girls will likewise love each other when they are older.

  2. Lol, it's all Bush's fault. :P

  3. Ha, that reminds me of a conversation Autumn and I had earlier this week. I was thinking about posting it but then remembered that not only does my sister read my blog she also has the power to edit all of my posts...I quickly thought better of it.

  4. Well, I promise that I had Christa's permission :P

  5. Hmmmm.... this explains a lot, and yet so little.

  6. Funny post! Trying to think about which names go in the blanks...hmmm.

    On another note, I need to start keeping track of how many times I'm mentioned on other people's blogs, and start charging a fee.

  7. I really don't care if you want to post something that you think is funny that I said!:) (and I promise I won't edit it)

    Too funny Lizzie!:)
    I can remember so many conversations like that with Ellie!;)

    Miss autumn~


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