Monday, October 6, 2008

I keep having this dream...

As some of you know, I am a dreamer. I dream nearly every night, I almost always remember what my dreams were about, and most of my dreams are very vivid and involve people that I know. I never put any stock in them, but sometimes I dream the same dream over and over. My latest dream was, I thought, at least somewhat amusing. So I thought I would share.

For about three nights in a row I've had the same dream where I wake up and find a tattoo on my left front shoulder. I can remember very clearly what it looks like. It's an orange dragon, bright orange with green and black accents, and its tongue is sticking out and its front left claw is raised. I looked it up online, and it looks almost exactly like the heraldic dragon of Wales, the Wyvern. The picture I've posted along with this is pretty close

I have no idea why I keep having this dream, as the chances of me ever getting a tattoo are almost nonexistent. And even [i]if[/i] I ever in a million years decided to get one, I would never get it in such a prominent place on my body! AND, even if I ever in a million years decided to get a tattoo, AND if I ever decided to get one on my shoulder, I would never get a tattoo of a dragon! But in the dream I got it on purpose. For what reason, I don't know. I think it had something to do with RvB...

Anyway, I wake up and I'm in the house that I grew up in as a child, in Hopkinsville. Random people I've know throughout my life are walking in and out of the rooms of the house. But for some reason this is perfectly normal. Then I run into my mother and she sees my tattoo and has a conniption. (The only believable part about my dream, actually.)



  1. Are you reading Brisngr by any chance? It gave me freaky dreams too, especially because I read right before I go to sleep.

  2. I believe that is called a "nightmare"

  3. I thought wyverns traditionally had two legs and two wings, not four legs and two wings - the picture you posted just looks like a regular dragon.


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