Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jon Foreman; Winter and Summer

I was initially skeptical when I was told that the Switchfoot front man had done a solo project because while I like Switchfoot, I find some of their lyrics to be rather shallow ("When I look at the stars I feel like myself"? I mean, seriously.) and some of their music to be just your typical CCM (A mediocreness that annoys me.).

I am, however, generally a really big fan of solo projects. (Sean Watkins and Colin Meloy come to mind...) So I was willing to listen at least once. He has four EPs out; Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. I listened to Winter and Summer.

I was most pleasantly surprised. Overall, his music moved in a much more acoustic direction than I was expecting. He used strings, brass, and some eastern stringed instrument to great effect throughout to create a sound which I liked very much.

I was similarly surprised by quality of his lyrics. As this has been my favorite thing to criticize Switchfoot about, I wasn't expecting such solid lyrics based firmly in Scripture. The House of God, Forever, is probably my favorite version of the 23rd Psalm set to music. A couple of the songs were secular, but they were still well written. (Though Somebody's Baby was terribly sappy.)

The combination of well written lyrics, good orchestration and mixing make it something that I would definitely recommend. What's more, I've put Spring and Fall on my 'to-buy' list. (A very hard list to get on.) Itunes, here I come.


  1. While I don't agree with some of your comments (I don't find Somebody's Baby sappy at all) I did want to let you know that Sean Watkins and Jon Foreman have teamed together for ANOTHER side project. It's called Fiction Family. Check them out! Their album is coming out in January.

    And I think you'll DIG Fall. :D

  2. Wait!!! don't buy spring and fall! I just burned you a copy!:)
    I *heart* Jon Foreman.

  3. yes! all four albums are excellent!!! jon foreman did a fantastic job.

  4. I have no idea why you think Somebody's Baby is so sappy!


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