Thursday, October 9, 2008

My totally awesome brother, Rainor. In pictures.

So, as most of you know, I have the best brother ever. Seriously, if you don't have Rainor as a brother, you are totally missing out. (Consequently, if you do have Rainor as a brother and I don't know you, please contact me as soon as possible...)

There are lots of reason he's totally awesome. And it's not just that he plays air soft with me, escorts me to balls, drives me around wherever I want to go, laughs at my jokes (sometimes), carries heavy things, takes out the trash, continually tries to marry me off, buys me really nice gifts, and gives me chocolate. Well, maybe that is why. Anyway, the point remains; he's awesome.

Today is his birthday. So in addition to all the really awesome things I gave him for his birthday (RvB t-shirt, RT sponsorship, awesome guitar lighter, FireFox stickers for his guitar case, and spiffy boxers.) I'm going to post a bunch of embarrassing pictures from when we were younger.

So enjoy. And don't forget to check out his blog here.

Way long time ago. I was about five, he was about three.

Right after we moved to Oregon.

Winter 2005?

Winter 2006?

Summer 2007

Also 2007..............

Winter 2007; playing air soft.

Spring 2008, right before the Pride and Prejudice ball.



  2. As great as you might think he is. He doesn't even come close to Silas, Paul, Luke, and especially not Nathan!

  3. I remember almost all those pictures! Especially the beach one. :D

  4. Now that last pic shows the TRUE height of brotherly affection! :D :D


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