Saturday, October 18, 2008

Perfect pizza, Proactive, plus problematic predicaments.

I'm sharing with you a picture of my perfect pizza. My entire family is quite the fan of homemade pizza. I like it alright, but I find the flavor of the whole wheat crust tends to overpower that "pizza taste". Since everyone else likes it so much, I've been trying to like it myself. I think I've finally come upon the version I like best. Pineapple and bacon with stuffed crust. It's quite good, though not even in the same league as, say, Papa John's pizza, which is my favorite. NOTE: the other half of the pizza belongs to my brother. Thus the lack of pineapple and bacon.

So my Mom ordered Proactive for my sister and I. And in case you didn't know; this chick is a skeptic. My face is generally pretty clear, but occasionally I get some pretty awful breakouts. It is my opinion, that since my breakouts tend to be weather, stress, and hormone related, Proactive won't do anything to clear up my face or prevent breakouts. But let me tell you, I would be thrilled to be proven wrong on this one

Not too long ago, when my employers got cats, they asked me to become their full time house sitter, because they always winter in California. This would mean moving into their house for months at a time. I turned down the position because it would mean too much time away from my family. Well, yesterday they called to tell me that they found someone to house sit, so they no longer needed me to clean house for them for an indefinite period of time. I don't regret turning down the house sitting job... but I'm rather sad to have lost the house cleaning position.

This is disappointing because I had hoped to be able to save enough money to start taking some more classes by the spring. I highly doubt the likelihood of being able to find another job with such high pay and flexible hours that will enable me to pursue school.

There have been several job opportunities for me in the community in the past month. But my parents and I agree that they require too much commitment, time away from the family, and that they would tie me down too much. It's frustrating to have them right in front of me, though. Especially when I could really use the money. It's so tempting.

So now I'm in a predicament. It just kind of feels like everything is coming down at once. No job, no money, no school, and a long winter ahead of me. What's more, the new baby seems to loom ahead in the distance. Not in a bad way, but in a "there are gonna have to be some serious changes in the near future" sort of way. We've outgrown our van and the girls's bedroom feels like it's filled to overflowing. I have books in stacks on the floor in my room because I've run out of shelf space. Yet I can't bring myself to get rid of any of my precious books. Neither can I part with my two guitars, mandolin, or violin.

I guess I'm just frustrated because it feels like there isn't enough room for me at home anymore and I'm not sure what it is I'm supposed to be doing. I thought I was doing what it was I was supposed to be doing. But obviously I was wrong, or God wouldn't have changed everything up on me.

So I now have no plans beyond my trip East next week and I know all the family is going to ask me how things are going and what I have planned for the next year. And I am going to be forced to either make something up or tell them the truth: I plan on staying home and bumming off my parents until something comes up. This will not go over well with my father in the least. But I don't know what else to say.

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. - Isaiah 26:3


  1. Your not bumming off your family. I'm glad you posted your thoughts. It give me insight into areas of our lives here.

  2. :( I hope that things work out soon...I graduate at the end of this year and am really hoping that my business works out. Otherwise, life could get tricky...

  3. So, one pizza feeds your whole family?

  4. Oh no, that pizza is just for me and Freddy. It takes three :P

  5. If your family wants you there and you're still contributing to the running of the household, it's not "bumming". :)

  6. wow- those are pretty much my sentiments- about living with your family. There is room for me here but, I feel that, at 23 I should have better direction in my life than "bumming off my parents until something better comes along."

    oh, and btw, I have heard from a Proactive user that it works on Hormone acne but not on stress acne. Just to let you know. :) Thanks for the interesting post!

  7. The pizza looks really yummy. :P And I can understand a little about the 'bumming off parents' part. I've been wondering what I will do when I am done working here, :/


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