Friday, October 10, 2008

Rick Dancer; An Endorsement

As most of you know, I have been less than pleased with the options I've been presented with this election. This has been really sad for me because I love election season and I love campaigning. So I've been kind of depressed that there haven't been any candidates that I get behind with my full support.

It's true I'm a member of the Republican party and I'm even a precinct committee person for my area. A position I put my name on the ballot for before John McCain was the presidential nominee, mind you. I certain had no intention of supporting HIM, and still don't, I might add.

But I went to my GOP meetings anyway, and that's where I found out about Rick Dancer. Rick is running for Secretary of State of the state of Oregon and one of the few candidates that I'm really excited about this election. I've been making phone calls to support him and will be doing some door to door campaigning in my area in the coming week, as well.

So if you live in Oregon I'd like to encourage you to stop by his website and check out his platform. Oh yeah, and vote from him on Nov. 4th too, duh. Thanks, guys!

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  1. Yeah, Rick Dancer is pretty cool!
    Ever since I can remember he was the "guy on TV who tells the local news"
    It is really weird now for me to watch the news and not see his face.... oh well, life gos on!:)


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