Friday, November 14, 2008


This post is going to be a mixture of news and me being cynical about a number of subjects. If you don't care what I've been up to and/or what unchangeable facets of life have been irritating me, there is no need to read any further.

We missed our flight on Wednesday. We aren't blaming anyone for this... openly. All I will say is that I am so glad Dad didn't ask ME to check the time for departure. So we ended up flying out yesterday instead of the day before. We stopped in at no less than four airports.

They forced me to check my guitar and then lost it. That's right, at this moment my beloved guitar, Miranda, is traveling the country without me. I am taking it remarkably well. You would all be proud of me.

On one of my flights (I don't remember which one. They all kind of meld together in my mind.) a guy sitting across from me had his cell phone ring mid-flight. And he didn't even attempt to conceal his blatant rule breaking.. He calmly pulled it out of his pocket, looked at it, texted back, and put it back in his pocket. Some people are just beyond comprehension. (Btw, is 'texted' a word? And did I use it properly?) (And is it lame that I used 'btw' in a blog post?)

You know what really, really, really annoys me? People who don't authorize their entire post to be displayed in my reader. You know the type. You go to read their newest pontification in your reader only to discover that you can only read the first four sentences. This irks me. I can't even say how much this irks me. If anyone who is reading this does that, you irritate me. Personally.

You know what else annoys me? Reading through my blog posts a day later and discovering that I've made a terrible error. This always appalls and embarrasses me. And it probably should. That is what I get when I don't proofread my blog posts thoroughly. What usually happens is I write my post. Then I spell check it. Then I proofread it. Then I proceed to edit it heavily. By the time I finish all that I am so sick of what I just wrote that I can't stand to proofread it again. So I post it. With all the errors injected during the editing process. I am a lazy writer. SO if you people would be so kind as to comment when you see a typo or grammatical error, it might possibly shame me into being a better writer. Possibly.

Also, I have decided that, despite what Rush says, the American people are stupid. I haven't decided yet whether or not to apply this decision on a personal level or just a general level.

If anyone is wondering why the extra dose of cynicism today; I don't know. I woke up that way this morning. I'm cheerfully disgusted with everything. But I'm drinking this really great chocolate coffee blend stuff right now so my tolerance for stupidity will probably increase dramatically upon the consumption of this mug. Of coffee. Not the mug itself.

My task for today is going through my closet, packing up my summer clothing, and getting rid of stuff I don't wear. It's always best for me to do this when I am in a cynical mood because I'm much more objective about my clothing and not so sentimental about it. NOTE: I said clothing. I am absolutely not getting rid of any shoes. I am not cynical enough for that, nor do I think the likely hood of being such is very high.

Anyone else use The Hype Machine? I'm just discovering it and trying to decide whether this is something that will be useful.

I notice that as a blog I tend to start with a very short paragraph and then progressively lengthen them. What is the reason for that? Contemplate that as I contemplate the complicated and headache inducing industry that is prescription drugs. And consequently the ridiculous laws and declining state of our nation. Cheerfully, of course.

I've also noticed something on a couple other blogs that I really love. (Why is it I only notice things when I'm being cynical?) And that is tags. Really good tags. Not just to the point tags. But sarcastic and rather funny tags. So I'm going to attempt to steal this idea and employ it in my own blog. Also, I plan on adding more source links. And links in general. Enjoy. And tell me if it gets annoying. I may not listen to you. But tell me. I like feedback.

My cup of coffee is gone. So I am now going to go try and be productive. Or something similar. Or something. Or at least go be nice. Yes, that is what I will do. I will go be nice. In fact, I think I'm going to make cookies.


  1. Poor Miranda! I hope her epic journey ends soon. If only guitars could talk... Well, I guess they make some sort of noise anyway.

    I've always thought it would be fun to name an object. Besides our dog. I could think up all kinds of names for stubborn vacuum cleaners, over-worked laundy dryers, and maybe even the walnut tree outside our window.

  2. Send me a cookie when your done!

  3. You know what really, really, really annoys me? People who don't authorize their entire post to be displayed in my reader.

    You know what else annoys me? Reading through my blog posts a day later and discovering that I've made a terrible error.

    Both those annoy me too! Except with the latter, I mean that I get concerned when I make a terrible error...not when you do. :)

  4. Welcome to The Cynical Club ( I will think up a better name shortly).
    You have so much to learn...

    So, the post immediately preceding this one? The title isn't actually a word.
    You did ask me to tell you.
    And I did.
    Because that's what friends do. :)

  5. Hope you are feeling better.
    Do you put hot chocolate mix in your coffee? That is my favorite (and only) way to consume coffee. But it has to be my own special homemade hot chocolate mix. Once tried, store bought hot chocolate mix can not be tolerated.

    Now I'm concerned I might make a spelling mistake or a grammatical error when commenting on your blog posts.

  6. "If anyone is wondering why the extra dose of cynicism today" What are you talking about girl? Your always like that!

    I can't tell you how much it bugs me when you can't read the whole post on the feed reader!


  7. In defense of not putting the whole post on the feed reader... it is more annoying to find out that someone has taken your entire (the whole post)feed and has it fed into a website that they make out to be yours, only with a nasty title and with the purpose of discrediting you. Taking a lesson from that, it is nice to be able to have the option of sending out the short feed:)

  8. Nice tags. And I understand about Miranda--I would be freaking out if Horatio (MY guitar) was lost at an airport... :-0 And btw, I thought I was the only weirdo who names things...I even named my car Ralph... ;0)
    Being something of a grammar nazi, I also HATE seeing I spelled something wrong after I post something.
    So I'm pretty much down with you on your entire post... :-D


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