Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Elections, apathy, and all that jazz.

This has been the weirdest presidential election day for me in the history of my involvement with politics, which started when I was about 5 years old. Ever since I can remember election day has been filled complaining about how I'm not old enough to vote, gluing myself to Fox or to my computer to refresh Drudge every 5 seconds, hoping and praying that my candidate would win, and getting ready for "The Big Party" that starts down at GOP headquarters as soon as the polls close.

There is none of that today. I AM old enough to vote and because I live in Oregon I actually voted two weeks ago before I left on my journey East. I haven't turned on the TV on yet today, nor do I intend to at least until the polls close. I haven't even visited Drudge or Reddit today. I know Chuck Baldwin has no chance of winning and I'm indifferent about either Obama or McCain. And I don't really care to go down and hang out with a bunch of koolaide drinking Republicans at the moment. (And yes, my friends, you know who you are.)

It's not that I'm apathetic. I'm just.... not all that excited that the two main candidates our country nominated are both liberals and that we're going to have one of them in the white house next year. (Not that I'm in love with our current president, either, mind you.) What good does it do to get all excited anyway? I'm reformed, doesn't that make me exempt from being excited about anything? Maybe this IS apathy. Is this what apathy looks like?

So today I'm going to do all my normal things; surf the net, clean the house, go shopping, make dinner and play guitar. Then when the polls start closing on the East coast I'm gonna turn on the TV and watch the results come in with profound indifference. WHAT HAVE I BECOME!?!?!

P.S. if you live in Oregon and haven't voted yet, check out www.rickdancer.com . That's the ONE race I hold out any hope for this election.

P.S.S. I found this election day blog post entertaining.


  1. *Sigh*

    There goes the one person who (used to) understand me.

    I cant wait to start watching the coverage. No one else in family is excited about it. So I will be the only person in front of the TV to night.
    Oh the trials of being patriotic!

  2. Lizzy, I'm right there with you. Voted for the first time this morning (well, second, really, first presidential). I used to wait with great anticipation for the results of the polls--now I know Baldwin isn't going to win, so I don't really care who does. One thing is for sure: God is on the throne no matter what, so I'm not too worried either way. :0)


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