Monday, November 24, 2008

Parish Group

On Sunday nights our church has Parish group where we get together, sing, pray, eat, drink, and lately, watch short films based on the parables. We always have such a good time so I took my camera this time so that I could get some pictures. This is one of the things I'm really thankful for this year.

Good friends.

Mrs. G.

When we were taking pictures Mr. K. came up behind me to tell us the video was about to start. When he realized he was walking into a picture he put up his hand :D
Ellie and Margaret.... the former actually looks taller which is very deceptive.

"There are angels in your angles; there's a low moon caught in your tangles."

The three musketeers: Lizzie, Ellie, and Margaret.

And again... Ellie and I still look like our glamorous selves. Margaret still looks like... herself.

Natalie, Ellie, and Autumn.

Wow, this looks familiar...

The Starr and Snider girls :)

Hanging out.

Abie looks confused.

Do you think they might be brothers?


  1. And earlier that same day you had complained about me posting a picture of you with your mouth open on my blog!
    I am glad you posted the pictures! Great times!

  2. Are you saying I'm not glamorous?

    You know all models scowl at the camera.

  3. I'm still cracking up over that picture of Elspeth under the light...hilarious!


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