Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The wierdest things happen to me.

Today while I was taking a shower the shower curtain rod fell down. I was just washing my hair, minding my own business, and it decided to detach itself from the wall and throw itself on the floor. I just stood there, covered in shampoo, looking at it all twisted up with the shower curtain on the floor. Just looking at it.

After about five seconds of going "Did that actually just happen?" I thought maybe I should try and put it back up so water would stop going all over the bathroom floor. (Novel idea, eh?) So I picked it up and tried to stick it back up. It fell right back down. It's one of those rods with a spring in it so you just kind of wedge it up and it stays. Easy, right? Nothing doing.

As I stood there under the water with shampoo suds running all over the place, trying desperate to get the stupid curtain rod to stay I slipped and almost fell on my face. Turns out shampoo is slippery. And as I stood there holding the rod and bracing myself on the flimsy soap rack thingy to keep from falling down and killing myself, I began to contemplate the ridiculous nature of my situation. All of the sudden it just seemed enormously funny. And I started laughing.

If you have ever tried to put a shower curtain while covered in slippery shampoo suds and water, trying not to fall on your head, and while laughing hysterically, you will know that it is pretty much impossible. (Also, I am really, really sorry you ever had to go through that.) I was beginning to be afraid that I was going to hurt myself. So I did the only sensible thing. I stopped laughing and called my brother.

"Rainor!" Pause. "Rainor!" Nothing. "Rainor! Get your butt in here!" I can now hear him talking to my Mom in an attempt to ignore me. "Help!" I hear some deliberations as to whether or not help should be sent. Also I begin to realize how silly it is that I have to ask for help and start laughing again. "Help me!" This last bit was yelled as I was laughing and for whatever reason He came right away this time.

I won't write here what he actually said when he saw me there holding the curtain rod up in front of me, covered in suds, laughing and saying "Helpppp meeee!" ala "The Fly". But it was a profanity of amazement. The kind of amazement that is equaled by, say, the news that your sister has managed to super glue all ten of her fingers together. That kind of amazement. Turns out he doesn't know how to operate the curtain rod either.

At this point my Mom comes in to see what the deal is, and because she, like me, and unlike my brother appreciates the immense humor in this situation, also starts laughing. Now she does know how to operate the curtain rod, however, she is laughing too hard to fix it either. She eventually manages to explain how to twist the rod so that it will stay and all that jazz and I can finally finish what was supposed to be an uneventful shower.

The thing is, these kinds of awkward/ridiculous things happen to me all the time. Why do these things happen to me? Do these things happen to everyone and they just never talk about them? Or am I actually the kind of person that sitcoms are based on?


  1. I'm totally LOL here! You called your brother instead of your mother?! Oh, dear Lizzie...

  2. Yeah, these things happen to me constantly as well. In fact, this exact thing has happened twice, although I knew the twisting trick, so it didn't involve other people :)

  3. It doesn't just happen to you Lizzie. That has happened to me before and when I tried to put it back up I fell out of the shower in to the.....well, I am sure you can guess what I fell into. Be glad your brother came to your rescue, mine never did.

  4. Don't think it will stop just because you get older and wise enough to operate curtain rods. Something like this happened to me just last week. But I will tell about it on my blog, so you will have to read the rest there. :)

  5. Oh dear, this was too funny. It should make you feel better to know that the reason you didn't know how to work the rod was that you didn't purchase it yourself..It's one of those easy lookin' thingys that does require instructions! (at least the first time)
    Thanks for the laugh! :)

    Mrs. Poindexter

  6. that is really funny- ever been in someone else's house, using their shower and- without a towel? that is a humorous situation.

    what made you call your brother instead of your mother?

  7. This is just one reason why I hate shower curtains.
    Glass doors FTW!

    P.S. Ridiculous things DO happen to you all the time. It's not fair. My life would be funnier if it was more ridiculous.

  8. That is pretty funny. Once I was in the shower and a spider came out of no where. I just stood there too until I had to courage to find a way to wash it down the drain. Well... Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  9. I am so glad I have the glass doors, otherwise, that would happen to me tonight, just cuz you brought it up. :P

    And I think those ridiculous things happen to people who know how to laugh at them. :D


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