Thursday, November 6, 2008

[a witty title isn't here]

You should all know that by speaking to me you acknowledge that anything you say and do can and may possibly be blogged. So, for your viewing pleasure, a couple funny random comments by my brothers. Both of these were things I just walked into, so I really have no idea as to what the context was.

Daniel: Elisabeth is an evil composer musician genius. Rainor, on the other hand, is just evil.

Rainor: Daniel! Vampires are not people on steroids!

Also, I'd like to just state again how awesome my brother Rainor is. Dad lets us drive around in his convertible quite a bit. (And yes, I feel like a spoiled rich kid riding around in her daddy's sports car.) But the point is, my brother always lets me pick the music we listen to. Yeah, he's awesome.

More on the election later.


  1. Are you aware that your mother reads your blog? Do you realize that riding around in sports cars with music blaring has been the death (literally) of many a young person? Do I have to remind you of those two young women in Hoptown that pulled out in front of the lumber truck? Music is a distraction for a young driver - don't risk it! I beg you!

  2. Ah...brothers. :) Brothers are good. I have three - and they are marvellous.

  3. I'm having a giveaway over at Chickiva!


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