Monday, December 1, 2008

Phantom of the Opera

One of my favorite shows of all time is The Phantom of the Opera. I've had it on the brain these past few days so I thought I would share some of my favorites from it. If you, like me, are a fan, I've searched youtube for renditions you may not have heard before, so I hope you enjoy.

Think of Me - Sung by Emmy Rossum and Patrick Wilson. The only clip from the actual movie, I promise. The movie was made rather brilliantly, I thought. My only real complaint is that Raoul's hair is dorky. But judge for yourself.

The Phantom of the Opera - Sung by Sarah Brightman and Antonio Banderas. Sarah Brightman is so theatrical and a Spanish phantom? I almost laughed, but only almost. It's still fun to watch. And, of course, all homage must be paid to Sarah as the original Christine.

All I Ask of You - Sung by Charlotte Church and some guy we don't care about. Possibly my favorite song from the show. Despite the fact she has this very, very, very annoying chin vibration habit, this is still an excellent performance.

Music of the Night - Sung David Cook. I originally refused to post an American Idol video here. I was determined to post a Josh Groban video even though I dislike Josh Groban. But I didn't think it was any good and couldn't bring myself to post it. So you get American Idol. Just ignore the stupid judge comments at the end.

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again - Sung by Mirusia Louwerse with Andre Rieu and the Strauss Orchestra. I've always loved the singers Andre Rieu (aka the Flying Dutchman) has travel with him and his orchestra. If you ever get a chance to rent one of his concerts on dvd, do it. He puts on a great show.

I couldn't post ALL the excellent songs from the show, sadly. But if you liked what you heard, pick up the movie sometime. It's fantastic.


  1. I like some of the music from the movie but I thought the movie itself was rather dark.

  2. I like the movie...but I thought that the movie's Phantom was an awful singer. :) I prefer Michael Crawford...or, in fact, anyone except the guy who played the phantom in the movie!

  3. Phantom of the opera is amazing. So is david cook.

  4. Antonio, Antonio... did he really say "phamton"??

  5. Phantom pulls a close second as my favorite musical, to Les Mis. Ditto what Anika Q said...the guy couldn't sing (I don't think he took a single voice lesson in his life--well, that's what it sounds like). I strongly dislike Sarah Brightman, and it almost irks me that Webber wrote The Phantom specifically for her voice; I don't think it's worthy--her vibrato drives me nuts, it's too heavy for Christine in my opinion. The girl who played Christine in the movie was amazing. David Cook's rendition of Music of the Night is by far my favorite EVER--even trumping Michael Crawford's (yes, it's true). And even though Josh Groban is overrated, I was watching a concert of his last night, and that kid can PLAY piano! His vibrato is too heavy at times (I've never heard him sing smoothe--EVER), but his range makes up for everything.
    Just my humble opinions. As you can see, it's dangerous to get me talking about music...

  6. I'll have to disagree about Josh Groban. I love his voice, his range- even his vibrato. (Though, I also disagree I have heard him sing smoothly one of the reasons why I like him.) Besides- you don't see him acting stupid in the media, getting girls pregnant, partying and etc.

  7. I also love Phantom. I've had the privilege of seeing it live twice. Most recently, in September. The music is absolutely haunting (in a good way). I've actually never gotten the guts to sit down and watch the movie. I've heard it's great, even from musical fans, but I love the live show so much, it's hard to see how a movie could live up to it.

    I also agree with Chelsey, Les Mis, is my favorite musical.

  8. I should really this movie. But there is a person who it really bugs that I haven't and I would rather bug them then watch the movie...shhhh don't tell!:P

  9. Great movie! My favorite song from it is "All I ask of you", Emmy Rossum has a beautiful voice and does a great job on it.


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