Friday, December 26, 2008

What is it that you do exactly? Oh, you know, tags and the like...

I have been tagged by two different people for two different tags. And since I've never done these particular tags before and also because I have been lazy in putting together good posts lately, I give you: two tags. The latter tag involves a contest. So read on.

*Note: While I love being tagged, I always feel that in tagging other people I am imposing. SO, if you want to be tagged, leave me a comment and consider yourself tagged.

First Tag Rules:
#1. Link to the person who tagged you.
#2. Post the six to ten things that you do on a daily basis.
#3. Tag five other people.
#4. Leave a comment on the blog of the person that tagged you letting them know that have posted this to your blog.

I was tagged by Ellie, over at The Glamorous Life of a Laundry Girl. And here are ten things I do on a daily basis.

1: Take a shower. If I don't get my shower in the morning it is and indicator that the day may not go so well.

2: Make myself a pot of tea. I did not steal this from Ellie. I actually do this every morning. usually it's an herb tea, though occasionally I also have green, white, or red tea. (This may only make sense to you if you are a tea drinker.) I then proceed to drink the entire pot, cup by cup, as I...

3: Turn on my computer and check my email, HSA, feed reader, and twitter.

4: Talk to my friends via the intertubes.

5: Clean up one or more sticky babies.

6: Sing. I don't think I've ever made it through a day without singing. I could be wrong. But I just don't remember ever not singing.

7: Read my Bible and write in my journal. I always do these at the same time, right before I go to bed.

8: Make dinner and/or do dishes. The rule at our house is that if one sister makes dinner the other sister must do dishes. So it is with sisters.

9: Eat a bowl of cottage cheese. Seriously, I love this stuff. Only large curd, though.

As to who I shall now tag, see what I wrote above. Now, onto tag two!

Second Tag Rules:
#1. Take ten books and transcribe the fifth sentence from page 56.
#2. Keeping with the 5, 56 theme, make sure that at least 5 books are fiction...
#3. Provide five hints...
#4. And pass it on to six other bloggers.
#5. Link to the blogger you got this from.

I picked this one up from Anika Q. over at My Writing Place.

1."The breadlike things we keep to use in a throwing contest."

2. "There was deep consciousness about him, and he found it easier to meet her eye than her friend's."

3. "A Mama, fair and fat; three young Misses, fair and fat; two young Misters, fair and fat; and a Papa, the fairest and the fattest of all who is a mighty merchant, up to his eyes in gold - a fine man once, but seeing that he has got a naked head and two chins, fine no longer at the present time.

4. "This had to be uncorked hurriedly - it was the only wet thing within reach, and it was necessary to wash the sand out of the Lamb's eyes somehow.

5. "'Ok, Jose,' said Mr. Pendanski. 'What do you want to do with your life?'"

6. "I had been restless, dreaming most disagreeably that I was drowned, and that sea-anemones were feeling over my face with their soft palps."

7. "At the Community Center you could always tell when he had been playing table tennis by the dampness of the bat handle."

8." The boys stared at him as they absorbed this and could not speak, for they knew that the business of the newspapers was momentous: earthquakes and train crashes, what the government and nations did from day to day, and whether more money should be spent on guns in case Hitler attacked England."

9."Summer passed away in these occupations, and my return to Geneva was fixed for the latter end of autumn; but being delayed by several accidents, winter and snow arrived, the roads were deemed impassible, and my journey was retarded until the ensuing spring.

10. "Daer waes on blode brim weallende, atol yoa geswing, eal gemenged, haton heolfre, heoro-dreore weol."

Five hints:
1. All but one of my selections are fiction.
2. Numbers 2, 4 and 9 were written by women authors.
3. Numbers 5 and 8 have been turned into movies within the past 10 years.
4. Numbers 6 and 7 involve the future.
Number 10 is known better in its modern English translation.

If you think you know what any of these books are, leave a comment. The person who guesses the most books from the list will have their blog plugged in my future post when I reveal the names of the books that these passages have been taken from.


  1. hmm, well I know #5 is Holes....
    I'll be back to guess more.

  2. Lets see, 2 is Sense and Sensibility, 4 is Five children and it, and 5 is Holes. That's all I know.


  3. I had a feeling 4 was Five Children and It...

  4. lol you are most intriguing. :P I've added you to my twitter.

  5. Happy New Year's! :)
    Thanks for entering in the Winter Bundle Giveaways!

    Miss Jocelyn


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