Monday, December 15, 2008

What is to be done?

So this is me. Devoted Ducks fan. Yet, despite my loyalty to my team, I condescend to be friends with a few Beavers fans. This is the socially acceptable thing to do, I am told. And hey, they are homeschool alumni, they go to ECD balls with me, and some of them give me chocolate! In fact, despite the whole Beaver fan thing, I actually trusted them for the most part. Until tonight.

This picture was the invention of Charlyn and Nate. And you know what. Some people owe me some serious Belgian chocolate for slandering my name thus.


  1. The Beavers shirt looks great with your orange hair.

  2. I have absolutely nothing good, nice or decent to say about the beavers so I am stopping this comment now.

  3. That was a funny post!
    I do not have a single football loving bone in my body. I am completely, totally, apathetically disinterested in any and all football teams. I once went through this phase where I managed to muster up some enthusiam for the Ducks, but that feeling is all gone now!

    However, I do find some amusement in hearing about the brawls at the Beaver games, the "Sugar Daddy" pandering and games that are played in the upper echelons of the university society, and the ridiculously posh locker rooms that are the property of the ducks.

    Excuse my rant.

    See you Sunday!

  4. Ok. I must admit you do look better in the Beaver shirt...

    Please forgive me!

  5. Oh I also might say for clarification that I do not hate football. I feel no emotion whatsover- except extreme boredom. I am not bashing anyone's sport....;)


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