Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Neglecting My Duties

It's been a week and half since my last blog post. My regular readers know that it is very unusual for me to take such long breaks from blogging. I don't really have any good excuses to share at this moment about why this is the case; I've just been kinda busy.

I've got a bunch of great blog material coming up in the next week, hopefully. So stay tuned. I promise, I have not abandoned you and more awkward stories from my life will be forthcoming.

For now; the answers to the book tag from my last post!

1. Mischling, Second Degree
2. Emma
3. The Woman in White
4. The Five Children and It
5. Holes
6. The Time Machine
7. 1984
8. Atonement
9. Frankenstein
10. Beowulf

The person who answer the most clues correctly was Lynae with 2 and a half correct answers! She guessed The Five Children and It, Holes, and Sense and Sensibility. The latter was actually Emma, but I give her half points for recognizing Jane Austen. Lynae blogs over at Under the Pines along with her Mother and brother. I always enjoy reading there.

Enjoy the rest of your evening and await my new posts with bated breath!

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  1. Just wanted to stop by and let you know how much we enjoyed your family's Christmas letters. They were SO funny and well worth the wait. Totally made us wish you all were still just down the road.

    Sounds like you all are pretty well settled in Oregon though so we'll just look forward to little glimpses into the goings on of the family via the blog and occasional Christmas letters. :O)

    Tell the family that the Carters said Hello!


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