Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Of Balls and Blunders

So, on Saturday Sam, Christa, Rainor, and I all went to a Twelfth Night Ball up in McMinnville. We had a fabulous time! I met up with some of my friends I don't see very often, had some awkward things happen to me, and danced and danced.

The ballroom was decorated magnificently, everyone's costumes were superb, and everything was generally lovely! The best part was that I successfully got the best of a very awkward situation that presented itself to me during one of the dances. I know you all want to hear, so I shall share.

My ears are not pierced, so I was wearing clips to the ball. Well, during one of the dances near the end of the evening, I felt one of my earrings flew off. It was a present from my father and also gold, so it was important that I pick it up. But it was also important that I not stop dancing because doing so would mean messing up our whole set. So I waited for a part of the dance where I was not required to do anything and looked around for my earring. It was no where to be found.

At this point I'm starting to get just a little bit panicky. Where is my gold earring! I wait for another pause in the dance and I spy it under the feet of several people in the next dancing line. I run over to pick it up and return just in time to cast off and lead up flawlessly.

Unfortunately... I now have an earring in my hand. I also have just one earring on my ear. So to avoid looking weird I pull off my other earring as well. Great. Now I have TWO earrings my hand and no pockets whatsoever. Beautiful. Perhaps this wouldn't be such a big deal if I wasn't required to hold hands with the other couple in our set. But I was. And how does one hold hands when one has earrings in one's hands? Very awkwardly.

But then, wonder of wonders... guess who was in my set? Yerp, Rainor. My dearly beloved brother who has gotten me out of many a scrape was there at hand to be my savior. As I passed him by right hands I shoved the earrings into his hand. Not knowing that he was saving me from great inconvenience and embarrassment, he gave me a look that said "What the heck am I supposed to do with these!" "Put them in your pocket." I said, calmly.

He rolled his eyes at me and did as he was bidden and the next time he passed me in the dance he whispered "You're retarded." I just smiled. Perhaps I was. But I had avoided a terribly awkward situation. I danced every dance but one and avoided awkward situations. Mission accomplished.

My Homeschool Alumni friends: Mark, Josh, Brian, Rainor, Laura, Charlyn, and Me.

As an afterthought, I did end up ditching my shoes by the time I reached the last three dances because I sprouted the most horrible blisters. So I suppose that was somewhat awkward, but it was either that or butcher my feet. Note to self: Don't wear new shoes dancing. Also, don't wear heels.


  1. Question # 1: What is a "Twelfth Night Ball", and why don't we have them in New Jersey?! :0( (Is it Twelfth Night as in Shakespeare?)

    Question # 2: Did you make your dress? (It's awesome!)

    Props on avoiding awkward situations--I could take some tips from you! ;0)

  2. I had noticed some pictures on FB of you with earrings on and then others with them off and I was wondering what that was about and now I know! :D

  3. I have always wanted to go to something like this!

  4. Lol, I never noticed your earrings. :P But I'm dense like that. ;)

    It's 12th night as in the 12th day of Christmas. You can read accounts from early America, of balls being held on the 12th day of Christmas. :)

  5. Was that a SHAKESPEARE themed party?? That's amazing and I'm jealous!!


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