Monday, January 26, 2009

Of Phone Calls and Brothers

Last night I got a phone call. When my phone started singing at me I glanced down to see who was calling me. I always do this before I pick up my phone. I'm not sure why I do this because I always answer my phone no matter who is calling me. But anyway, the caller id read "Frido" a pet name for my beloved brother, whose pet names for me are not very nice and rather unrepeatable.

I flipped the phone up to my ear "Heylo!" A voice that had been forcibly lowered responded "Goodevening. Do not hang up or I will drown your pet fish." Nope. There was no doubt whatsoever that this was my brother, Rainor.

For some reason Rainor really likes to talk on the phone. I don't mind this. In fact, I like it alot because there are only about two people who I like to talk on the phone with and Rainor happens to be one of them. So it's all good. We talked for a long time about various things, we never lack things to talk about, it seems.

He makes no secret of the fact that he pretty much hates most of the things that I wear as our ideas for young ladies' fashion don't really seem to mesh. (Yet he always takes me shopping with him and has me help pick out alot of his clothes...) Anyway, so he remarked about something one of my friends had worn to church yesterday "{Insert name of my friend} was wearing this THING to church today. Looked like something YOU would wear." I was flattered, though I don't think this was his intent.

I made a point to go to bed at 11:00 last night. I had been up till at least midnight every night this week and I wanted to catch up my sleep. So at 11:00 the lights went out and so did I. I floated to dreamland, sleepily. So happy to be in bed... and not be thinking about anything... rest, ah, beautiful rest... blackness....

I woke with a start! My phone was singing at me, nay, yelling at me! I fumbled in the darkness trying to get to my glowing phone. I don't do well when being wakened out of a dead sleep, mind you... My eyes weren't adjusted enough to read who was calling me. I could barely even figure out how to open my phone.

"Hullo..." I heard a familiar deep voice "Good evening." "Did I not just talk to you?" My voice was slurred from sleep and it probably sounded more like "Id I ot dus talk do oo?" "Were you sleeping?" "You do realize there is a two hour time difference between Oregon and Iowa, right?" I think my brother correctly translated this to "Why the heck are you calling me at 11:45 without texting first!"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you'd be up." "Uhu. Is everything ok?" "Yeah, we just got out of parish group." "Oh, anything fun happen?" "Blah, blah, blah, blah, mafia, ping-pong, spoons, football on the xbox..." "Nice." "Yup." "Can I go back to bed now?" "Yeah, sorry about that." "Mhmloveyougoodnight." Oh sleep, my old friend... embrace me.

My brother called me while I was composing this. He wanted to tell me all bout the Snider's ping-pong table and the ensuing tournament. I told him "I'm blogging about your ill timed phone call last night." "Oh, awesome! What would you blog about if I wasn't around?" "Sleeping."


  1. :) this is sweet, how nice it is to be able to talk for a long time with your sibling. Now dont get me wrong, I love my brothers but talking to them for a while make me wanna scream for help often.

  2. Spoons is a wicked awesome game. We should play it next time you're all here. I wonder why we haven't before? Maybe because we would get too violent?

  3. I was wondering why he kept staring at me last Sunday :P

  4. LOL! In the group chat earlier, someone asked Rainor if he missed you, and he said 'no, I talk to her on the phone'
    :lol: I'm much more amused now. :D

  5. Hey Elisabeth... How is Jason doing. Just thinking about you all. Are you still in Iowa?


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