Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stupid Things

My name is in the dictionary next to several words. Cool, amazing, klutzy and awkward are a few of them. But until now I never claimed the word stupid. But I am not nearly as sure now... This will come as no surprise to some of you, I know. After all, this is ME we’re talking about, so it would be nothing out of the ordinary, really.

What happened was this; I went over to my cousin's house to spend the night the other day. We usually have a good time together. We play rock band and guitar hero, eat junk food, watch movies, and since he's a drummer, we also record music together sometimes. Well last night, somehow, rock band degenerated into an M&M fight... And as fired an M&M straight at his forehead my follow through collided with a chair.

Yep. Stupid. Really stupid. And really painful. The thing is, my hands still really hurts and the stupidness happened on Monday and it is currently Friday. (Note: upon writing this I made a point of checking the date. Good thing I did. Turns out I've been one day behind in my thinking for the last three day. Typical.) I'm starting to wonder why it still hurts... hoping it's just bruised or something...

My cousin told me God is punishing me for starting an M&M war while his mother was sleeping. I suppose this is a completely possible hypothesis. But I refuse to believe this is the case for several reasons. #1. I'm already being punished for stealing the neighbor's wifi. #2. God likes me. #3. God also likes M&Ms and war. (Convincing, no? I should be a democrat; my logic is flawless.)

Anyway, I've filled my stupid quota for the week. Enjoy at my expense.


  1. Hey I steal the neighbors' wifi sometimes too! But I figure they use ours occasionally, so it doesn't really matter...

  2. Yes, flawless logic, absolutely flawless!

  3. Sprained hand, perhaps.
    *sigh* When will you ever learn?

  4. I say if someone leaves their wifi wide open and steal-able, it deserves to be stolen.

  5. Why wouldn't God like m&m fights!? Especially if there pink m&ms.....

  6. I LOVE rock band!

    I have a feeling people use our wifi too....

    M&M fights are fun...oh no Ellie is going to call me immature now ;)


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