Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One part news; Four parts fluff.

My life here continues to be full of lots of time spent at the hospital. Jason has good days and bad days so when people ask me how he's doing I generally just say "He's doing ok.", which, for the most part, he is, overall. If you actually want to know how Jason is doing day to day you can check out his caring bridge page by going here. See some recent pictures, read the journal, and sign the guest book :)

I came across the website of photographer Jason Hawkes recently. He has some really fantastic aeriel views of London on his site. I really recommend you dropping by and looking. London looks like a river of diamonds at night. Beautiful.

So it turns out that if you put in front of any web address this luscious piece of bacon appears, superimposed in front of the web page, as in this wikipedia article on Vegetarianism. I thought this was totally cool.
Another thing that I came across is this amazing web project called "We Feel Fine". Go to and take a look. It's a really fascinating idea, beautifully executed.

I shall end with a funny story. So I recently moved out of my grandparent's guest bedroom into the basement bedroom that was my Mom's through her high school years. The basement smells, well, like a basement. To freshen up the room I bought some scented candles, and last night I burned them for awhile while I got ready for bed.

Well, when I went to blow them out I noticed that there was alot of hot wax that had accumulated in the jars, however, I didn't actually think any thing of it. That is, until I blew hot wax all over my face. Yes. I know. Duh, Elisabeth.


  1. By the way, have you been using your time wisely?

  2. good to know Jason is doing good.

    ps. London is such a gem.

  3. How do you find these bizarre web things? I did love the heart with gears. Remember Missoula Children's Theatre? Rose is doing it this week.

  4. @Katie - I love you too! And yes, more than I have in a LONG time.

    @Lolita - Thanks :) Someday I will go to London. Maybe.

    @Kari - Various blogs that I read. Yay! What play?


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