Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I finally broke down and changed by blog layout. The result? Eh... I don't hate it. Don't really love it either. But I was tired of my old template and very, very bored yesterday. So there you have it. Comments anyone? And no, I can't actually figure out how to change that green color to something else, despite reading though the template code to the best of my ability.

My laptop, which has served me (mostly faithfully) for the past four years, has died. It is a sad occasion because it is very inconvenient to be without a laptop at this point in my life, however, the occasion is also happy because my old laptop sucked and I now have an excuse to get a new one. Not yet sure what I will be getting. I want a macbook. I probably cannot afford one.*

I have decided there are two kinds of head colds. There is the good kind, which render you non-functional for two or three days. You feel crappy and lose your appetite, but when you get better you've lost a few pounds. (Yay!) Then there are the bad kind, which render you non-functional for two of three days. You feel crappy, but are randomly starving the whole time, so when you get better you've gained a few pounds. (Boo!)

Guess which kind I got over the weekend?

My chalk board this week looks fantastic. Sadly, since my laptop died and my grandparents don't have a card reader, I can't post it right now. Maybe in a day or so when I get the chance to hijack someone else's computer. We shall see. (Dun dun dun!)

*Those interested in donating to the "Buy Elisabeth A Macbook" fund may email me: epstarr at gmail dot com.


  1. I like it! The header is sweet!

  2. Dude...what is on your head? Does it help with the cold?

  3. Grandpa Clark has a macbook and I actually don't like it. I think it's really hard to use after you get used to windows. Lots of stuff you want to download or open from the internet won't work, and you have to have all this special apple and mac stuff when you want to run anything. Maybe it's just me, but I wouldn't buy one.

  4. I like the header it's very cute. What green color are you talking about?? I don't see it.

  5. @Katie Thanks :D

    @Angie This hat is called: Elisabeth must do something with her hands while watching tv so she made this while watching Stargate. And yes, it keeps my head warm.

    @Kari I am up for the challenge of learning to do things different. 'Sides, Windows annoys me.

    @ Ellie The back ground! The freaking background is green! Are you colour blind?

  6. I likeeee it :) Good job on redesigning, it keeps blogging fresh.

  7. It's totally gray on my computer. It seriously couldn't get any grayer.

  8. It *is* gray. But I like it *much* better than the old one. :)

  9. Nope it's green, and i like it!


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