Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cute Things! Yay!

So there is this place called "Crazy Girl Yarn Shop" on the corner of 5th and 12th in Coralville. It is thoroughly fabulous and next time I stop in I will take my camera so I can take pictures. But anyways, yesterday I went there and bought yarn and a crochet hook. (This was one of those nice yard shops that doesn't execute crocheters.) This is what I made yesterday afternoon.

It is a circumstance I will not deny; I don't like to knit. I've been told that since I like to do crafty things I should like to knit. But alas... I have never knitted anything more than dishrags and what's more; I didn't enjoy it. Crocheting, however, is something that has always come very natural to me. Lace is my favorite thing to make, but on this particular occasion, I made a hat.

It didn't turn out too badly at all. I had never used yarn that was this fat before, and I rather liked working with it. It did, however turn out a bit bigger that I would have liked it to be, which I blame on unfamiliarity with the needle size I was using.
When I finished it I wove green and brown ribbon into it.

I rather like it! Unfortunately it didn't seem to go over quite as well my family. My grandmother gave me a skeptical look that puts mine to shame and my aunt asked if I planned to actually wear it in public. I am, however, by no
means discouraged from wearing it. After all, when have I ever been afraid of wearing silly things?

I made these yummy little rolls the other night. The ones on the left were made by putting cream cheese, bacon, and ham on a tortilla and rolling them up. I wasn't terribly impressed by them, but they were ok. The pickle rolls, on the other hand, were fantastic. I just took slices of ham, spread cream cheese on them, rolled them around a pickle and sliced them up. Ach! Too wonderful.

And the last thing I have to add to this post is this week's chalkboard. (Katie, please note that there are now 88 keys on the piano. There are, however 36 black keys, so the ratio of white to black is a little off.)

As you can see, I positioned the pictures in this post in a different manner than I usually do. (To the left instead of in the center.) I kind of hate it. I would redo it. But that would involved uploading the pictures again because, apparently, you can't change the alignment after you upload them. Can't figure out if it's me or if it's blogger that's being stupid. Arg. Irritating.


  1. I don't find it silly, sure it's different but it's cute :)

  2. It's very cute. I couldn't wear it but it's so very you and the blue looks good with your redish hair :D

    You should be just able to drag the pictures where you want them to be. That's what I used to do with blogger :)

  3. Oh my goodness! I've been singing This Side all night! I haven't listened to it in forever.

    Oh, bravo on drawing all 88 keys. I wasn't criticizing you (or even teasing) when I mentioned it having less keys, I was just answering mom's question. :)


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