Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Day of Patrick the Saint

My father always told me not to make assumptions. So in case you live in a cave somewhere with no television, radio, or Internet, I'll let you know that it's St. Patrick's Day. Of course if you have no Internet I'd like you to comment and let me know how you are accessing my blog. Most creative answer will be posted here next week.

Anyhoodle, St. Patrick's Day means I drink green tea and have a chance to wear my really awesome "Fat Unicorn" shirt! Yay! Tea makes me happy. For some reason wearing this shirt also makes me happy. So it's a happy, happy day! I offer no explanation as to why this is. It just amuses me. Immensely. See for yourself:
On the subject of unicorns I offer this semi-retarded video, Charlie the Unicorn, which I happen to find utterly hilarious, in a juvenile sort of way. It is true, I have no shame.

If you enjoyed that as much I did, I recommend Charlie the Unicorn 2 and 3, which are also awesome.

My friend, Nellene, invited people over this evening for reubens in honor of St. Patrick's Day. Having never had one before I was rather skeptical. Again with the not assuming things. You can find out what a reuben is here. (I honestly did not know what one was until this week, so don't feel too bad, which I doubt you do.)
Patrick, William, Me, and Julie.
Bobert, Alyce (Who is giving me an evil glare for taking a picture of her with food in her mouth.), Julie, and Nellene (Who did not give me the evil glare until after I took this picture.).
Josh and Julie. My RUF leader and his wife. (Just noticed Julie was in every picture I posted. Hm.)I meant to post a picture of my chalkboard yesterday. But I was really busy as Jason isn't doing so well right now. So you'll not be getting that until tomorrow. I know you are all probably going nuts. I can see it now "Ah! Elisabeth hasn't posted her weekly chalkboard! How can I go on with life!?! How can I continue to live without the order that her chalkboard brings! I guess I shall just have to die!" Ahem. Anyway.

Peace Out


  1. Sounds like you had a good celebration. Everyone looks cheerful in the pictures :) Since nobody really celebrates it here, I'm gonna head to the bar and drink crazier than usual this weekend :P

  2. Wow. That unicorn on your shirt is impressively....obese. However, this one is, um obese-er, if such a word exists:


  3. Just in case you didn't know, your adroable :) Second, I love that shirt, I want that shirt, and if I ever see you wear that shirt in front of me I will either a)tear it off you fun away and keep it under my bed so your never find it, or b) kill you. Just which ever one I feel like doing at the moment.

  4. before I read the above I thought you were the weirdest person I know. no I am certain.

  5. Fred, are you talking about me or Lizzie? I can't tell :P


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