Monday, March 2, 2009

Greetings from my basement lair!

Shortly after it was decided my stay here in Iowa would be longer than a few weeks it became clear that I needed a little more room than what was offered in my grandparent's guest bedroom. So I moved down to the bedroom in the basement, the same room that was my Mom's through her high school years. No one has stayed there in a LONG time so it needed a little work... but nothing I couldn't handle.

I re-caulked the baseboards, rolled up the humongous braided rug that was on the floor, re-arranged the furniture (and pinched furniture from other rooms), gave the whole place a thorough cleaning, and moved my stuff down there. I am way pleased with how it turned out, so I thought I would post pictures. The pictures I posted are black and white, but the general color theme is light blue and cream, yellow, and brown, in case you're wondering.
Big dresser! Yay! Room to stow all my stuff, so I don't have to leave things sitting out. The awesome retro tv does not, in fact, work. But I think it looks spiffy, so it's staying. The cards sitting on top are from Katie, Margaret, and Laura. Thanks girls!
I never have been a fan of any sort of light but lamp light. I'm not sure why. I guess I find it hard to think when there is too much light.

The absolute best thing about having my own room is being able to keep it spotless. *happy sigh* Worst thing... no one to talk to or to listen to me talk. *bored sigh*

The curtain down there were really ugly, so I took them down and replaced them with posters that I painted. Also, my grandmother has had this amazing classroom sized chalk board ever since I can remember and since it was just sitting in the basement I asked if I could move it into my room. Let me tell you... it weighs a TON. I had a really difficult time moving it in there, then setting it up on blocks all by my onesy savy. I did, however, prevail.

The chair in the corner, which is blue, is terribly comfy.

My bookshelf! I seem to be collecting books once again. I can't help it. They basically jump in my bag and say "I'm coming home with you!" I foresee much hassle in getting them back to Oregon...A closer look at my walk-in closet/recording studio. After sharing a closet my whole life, it really is incredible to actually have places to put all my stuff. Oh, and the vest is a recent acquisition. I have no idea how I lived without one all these years.
In case you wanted a closer peek at my board on which my whole life is basically written. I plan on completely redoing the board every week, so maybe I'll post a weekly picture. What do you think?


  1. I wonder if Christa Joy is enjoying her extra space as well.

  2. thanks for sharing! (I like the "Weekly Board" Idea....)

  3. :D You're welcome. I need to send you more cards.

    I never knew you could be a neat freak! I guess congratulations are in order. Awesome chalkboard! I think weekly pictures are a great idea.

  4. I think it's an awesome room! And I'm loving the chalkboard.

  5. Are you a superhero now? I thought only superheroes had lairs. Ha!

    Looks like you've done a wonderful job making it cozy. I love chalkboards too. I can remember thinking it was the best day ever when we had to stay in the classroom during recess and the teacher would (gasp!) let us write on the board. And oh glory, if there was colored chalk, that was even better.

    Which all probably led to my fascination with sharpies now, but sometimes you just have to enjoy the simple things. :O)

  6. Ha, when can I move in?

    And you bought a vest...hmmm. I'm not sure I'm on board.

  7. @Miss Kari - I suspect her feelings are pretty much the same as mine on the subject.

    @Natalie - Yay! That is one vote for the weekly board!

    @Katie - I know, isn't it weird? It's funny what having space for everything will do to one. And one more vote for the board ;)

    @Ellie - Ha!

    @Lindsey - Thankies D

    @Lolita - I know! Hurrays!

    @Nancy - I am, indeed, a superhero. I just need to think up a cool name now, like, Chalkboard Chick, or something equally as lame :)

    @Margaret - You may move in whenever you like, you know my doors are always open to your kind ;)

  8. Nice! I'm a fan of the chalkboard too. (and the recording stuido/walkin closet.) Thanks for the pictures. ;)

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  10. That furniture is as unbelievably ugly as ever. That corner table was in my room upstairs when I shared with Jacki, too. Is a lair like a cave, because that better describes that room, unless you are a super hero.


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