Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekend Humor

Saturday is the absolute worst day on which to blog. The reason being that no one with a life enters the blogosphere on the weekends. All veteran bloggers know that if you post on a weekend you will only have about half as many people read your blog as you would during the week when government employees surf the net instead of doing very important bureaucratic work. But I'm sick and rather bored so I am disregarding the "No posting on weekends" blogger rule. So this post goes out of my die-hard readers who read even on the weekends. (All four of you.)

It is snowing. Right now. Gah!!! (Three exclamation points are vital to conveying how frustrated this makes me.) April is three days away. Three days. Most people know that April means rain. Not snow. I want the Oregon rain back. "And April marches on..."

I'll be going home in two weeks, now. My family tells me that they are trying to make sure that my brother Walter, who is a year old, doesn't forget who I am. So I talk to him on the webcam and he waves back at me and says "Hi Sissy!" Apparently my family also shows him pictures of me. I was tickled to death to learn that he perceives me as a blonde super model. Mom told me last night "Whenever Walter sees a picture of a very pretty blonde girl he points and says "Sissy!". I hope he won't be disappointed when he sees me again!

CUTE ATTACK! I was at hot topic yesterday. (I maintain I can shop there until I am at least 21. Come on people, at least I gave up shopping at Claire's. Mostly.) 'Nyways I found these adorable hair clippy thingies. So I got these and these. I defy you to call them anything but totally delicious. (This is a safe declaration since my die-hard weekend readers are bound to agree with me. Except possibly my mother, who thought my bangle bracelets were stupid.)

This had me on the floor. In stitches. I kid you not. Yes, I am easily amused. But seriously, this is laugh out loud funny! It's only ten seconds, so take the time and humor me.

No, I do not feel bad for laughing at this poor dude's misfortune.


  1. Screw no posting on weekends rules for me lol I post on weekends, that doesnt mean I dont have life. I even post using my phgone when I'm away sometimes.

    I'm more like, when you need to post then post whatever day that is :P

    cute hairclips btw.

  2. I also am blogging and reading blogs on the weekend. You will always be a blond supermodel to me too :)

  3. Hmm. Never heard of the "weekend rule."

    Those hair clips are super cute! The girl with the red hair, nose ring, and tat is a little odd, but I'm sure you'll look fine wearing them.

    The vido is hilarious. Why do I never see things like this happen? I guess it's a reminder to carry my camcorder around more....

  4. You changed it!! Good for you:) It looks cute.

    I've had so many people send that video to me but frankly I really feel more sympathetic to the guy in the video then anything else becasue that is totally something that I would (and have) done. I'm just so glad no one caught it on tape.

  5. FYI: Since your a nerd it's ok for you to post on the weekends. It's just that *I* never could. :)


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