Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Apples, Vinegar, and Cinnamon Rolls

I'm not sure that there is any way in which to accurately convey the pleasures of cooking to someone who does not cook. So explaining my enthusiasm on the subject following a three month absence of being in the kitchen will be pretty much fruitless. All I can say is that my joy at being able to cook once more is immense and full and I have been busy catching up on all that I have missed.

The amazing cinnamon rolls I made. (Don't mean to flatter myself, but they were.) My only issue with cinnamon rolls is that I can never seem to get enough of the sauce stuff on them. No matter how much I drizzle (pour) over the top, when I take them out of the oven there is not enough of the gooey cinnamon stuff. Ideas anyone?

This is an interesting pasta salad I made over the weekend. I was looking through the refrigerator and just kind of taking stock of what we had and I saw that we had apples and I began thinking about things that would be good with apples. In my opinion vinegar goes go with pretty much anything, so I began to pair the two in my head, then I added olives and pasta to the mix and tada!

It isn't at all perfect. But I think if I made it again I could make it so.

The things that were wrong with it: There were too many apples and not enough olives. I wish the apples had been of a crunchier variety and the olives had been good olives rather than cheap canned ones. Also there was a little too much dressing so the salad was too wet.

The things that were right with it: The combination of apples, vinegar, and olives was really a winner. They tasted really good combined. (I don't like raw tomatoes, but, theoretically, tomato chunks might also been good in this.)

So here is the recipe. This is only half as much as I made, however, because I made WAY too much.

First a made a sauce from roughly a cup of applesauce and 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar. I added minced olives, salt, pepper, and about a tablespoon of mustard. Shook that up in a jar and set it aside. (This dressing is pretty much delicious. I could have eaten the entire jar of this combination.)

Then I cooked half a pound of shell pasta, rinsed it, and cooled it. I added about half a cup of olives and one or two apples, cut up. Add the dressing, stir it all up and enjoy.


  1. Oooh they really look good. Both the pasta salad and the cinnamon rolls *drool*

  2. The rolls look yummy to me - maybe you could save some of the goop to add after they're done cooking. Or, do the same thing with a little icing? Happy cooking.
    Mrs. Knightley

  3. Ah, cinnamon rolls. Do you also put the goop in the pan underneath the rolls? That's what we do.

    I have no comments for your salad. I think it is beyond repair. ;)

  4. Hi Elisabeth -

    For rolls, I put the butter/sugar in the bottom of the pan and bake it for a few minutes to let it carmelize. Then I put the rolls in on top, let them rise again, and then bake it. When they come out, I invert the pan and all the carmelized sugar falls on top. Also, a little powdered sugar/milk glaze will cover a multitude of errors :-)

    Happy baking!


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