Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Atlas

When my time in Iowa was nearing its end, my awesome uncle and fabulous aunt decided to take me out to their favorite restaurant for dinner. The name of this place is The Atlas. Those of you live in Iowa City -- go to The Atlas. It was kind of incredible.
This is my Uncle Randy and Aunt Cheri. They are happy because I'm leaving. Ha! No, not really. They are happy because they are eating this spectacular spinach and artichoke dip.

And here it is, in all its glory.

I am the queen of capturing unflattering pictures of people. I bet you didn't know this. The reason you didn't know this is because most of the time I'm a nice person and rather than posting horrible pictures of people, I blackmail them for money. (And you were wondering how I was funding my recent macbook purchase, weren't you?)

And there it is again because, yes, it was just that good. Also because I'm putting off posting a truly dreadful picture of myself.

No comment. Moving right along... swiftly...

This is what I ordered. It's grilled portobello mushroom stuffed with garlic cream cheese and served with broccoli and polenta. Yes, polenta! I was really excited about this as I had never eaten polenta made by anyone except myself. This was grilled polenta vs. the broiled polenta that I had made. It tasted pretty much the same as mine. Totally nomable.

When Randy and Cheri told me they were taking me to The Atlas the first thing they said was "They have this amazing chocolate cake that you must try!" I wasn't sure anything could be as delicious as they talked this cake up to being.

I was wrong.


The three of us split one cake and pretty much devoured it with a passion.

To Randy and Cheri, my heart and my belly thank you. I miss you guys already.


  1. And of course you post this BEFORE dinner....just like you to do something like this....;)

    By the way, your Aunt is adorable :D


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